About Us

Welcome to Image4 Security – leaders in innovative home security solutions. We design, manufacture and deliver the very best security products from ground anchor points to garage security barriers.

Company mission

Our mission is plain and simple, we’re looking to re-shape the security market through innovation, quality craftmanship and an understanding of what consumers need. We don’t just want to be the best; we want to manufacture the best and reduce vehicle theft.

Company history

Formerly, we were a metal fabrication business. We have been operating since 2009 and have conducted jobs for some pretty big names, such as the British Museum, Royal Air Force Museum, Natural History Museum, National Science Museum, and York Railway.

Patrick, the founder, was browsing YouTube one day and came across a video of a guy having his motorbike rolled out of his garage. Patrick, being a biker himself, took this personally and decided to use his talents to create something to stop this happening to other bikers. From there, the idea was born, and the wheels were about to get into motion.

In early 2019, Dave joined Patrick and his dog, Whiskey, to form Image4Security and in 2020 the Guardsman Garage barrier was officially on the market. Unfortunately, the timing was poor and Covid struck the UK, ceasing all promotional plans for the business and the Guardsman. Rob, Pat’s son joined the team in late 2019 to help with fabrication.

Although Covid was still flying about, it was in mid 2020 the Guardsman finally received its first reviews from The Missenden Flyer, LambChop Rides, Richy Vida, and Richard from MCN. All the reviews were glowing, as you already know.

Since 2020 we’ve found our wings and designed, developed, and manufactured a range of easy to use, sleek, professional garage security products. Our aim has always been to reduce vehicle theft and we try to use this motif whenever we’re thinking of new ideas and manufacturing new products. We think like a criminal to stop real criminals.

In summary, we’re a small family business, manufacturing security products for people like us. We understand the demand for the stuff we produce and have big plans for the future. We plan to continue innovating, designing, and creating, bringing you quality security products above all.

The Future

We plan to keep growing our team to meet demand for new ideas and new products. With a growing team we can expand our product range and focus on you, our customers, being at the heart of every decision we make as we continue to re-shape the security market and reduce vehicle theft.

We’re dedicated to getting quality security solutions out there. To do that, we’re determined to listen to exactly what you need. You’ll regularly find us at shows, meeting and mingling with new and existing customers, learning what you need and figuring out how we can make it happen. If you catch us at a show, come say hello and see what we’ve got on offer and what’s in the pipeline.

Meet the Team

Patrick – Director – Product Development

Dave – Director – Sales and Customer Service

Rob – Fabrication and Quality Control

Whiskey – Postman enthusiast & Log locator

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