7 Essential Motorbike Security Tips


At Image4Security, we have a famous mantra and it’s about layering your security. “The best motorbike security is lots of it”. Below we offer 7 essential motorbike security tips.

That mantra couldn’t be truer. We’ve covered garage security over and over again, including the best methods for securing your bike at home, and on the go. But, if you still haven’t clocked on to how important securing your bike is, we’ve compiled our seven essential motorbike security tips to help you get started.

1.      If you have a garage or shed, USE IT.

Leaving your bike out in the open is an invitation for a thief to snatch it. Or, for an opportunist thief to seize the opportunity you’ve left open for them. Utilising your garage or shed is the best way to ensure your bike is out of sight and therefore out of mind. Showcasing your bike out the front might impress the neighbours, but it’ll impress a thief more.

That said, you should also be maximising your garage or shed security. General bits of security like motion-triggered lights, an alarm system, and a good, strong lock should always be used to secure your belongings. Other security includes garage door security.

Garage barriers are effective at securing your garage door and stopping your motorbike from being wheeled away. Our Guardsman garage barrier sits inside your garage door with its long, telescopic arm securing the exit. The Guardsman stands tall enough that the average bike cannot be wheeled under and will be too heavy to be lifted over. An essential for your garage if we do say so.

Motorbike 1

2.      Ground anchors are your best mate

Motorbike ground anchors are an absolute game changer for at home security. We can’t shout about our Apex Pro ground anchor enough and for good reason. The mini beast is virtually attack proof and has been tested time and time again in the Image4 test lab. Every time it withstands a grinder attack of 15+ minutes.

Motorbike ground anchors are secured to the floor and then fed with a security chain that is attached to your bike. This stops anyone from wheeling your bike off or carrying it away. Ground anchors keep your bike secured to one place, offering you total peace of mind.

If you’re on the go, a ground anchor can’t be taken with you, but its function can be replicated easily by securing your bike to an immovable object, such a lamppost for example.

Apex Pro


3.      Don’t advertise your bike

Once you’ve spent the money, it’s very tempting to showcase your new wheels to anyone and everyone. Don’t. If you’re out and about it can’t be helped, but if you’re at home, try to keep it out of sight. Parading your bike out on the front drive for everyone to see might spark a conversation with the neighbours, but it might also catch the attention of a bike thief.

Even if you secure your bike in the garage at night, having your bike on show during the day is showing passers-by that a bike lives at your house and this could encourage someone coming round to have a snoop. A whopping 80% of bike thefts happen at home. Bike covers are a simple and effective way to discourage nosy neighbours from pricing up how much your bike cost, and how much it could fetch them.

4.      Tagging

Generally, we supply and encourage all the defence leading up to a theft, but if your bike does, unfortunately, catch the eye of a crook, there are some steps you can take in getting it back. Bikes are usually sold for parts, which makes them hard to recover. One way to combat this is to tag each part of your bike with your phone number or other personal info to help identify you. This makes it easier for the police to locate the bike to you, and potentially makes the parts harder to sell.

5.      Alarms

Alarms are great additions to absolutely any security. Whether it’s your car, house, or motorbike. Having an anti-theft alarm fitted to your bike will not only alert you if someone tries to pinch it, but it will also alert anyone nearby and possibly deter the thief. Our ZOVII range features built in alarms, including an alarmed grip lock, disc lock, chain and lock, and more.

6.      Size does matter

We’re talking about security chains. A security chain less than 16mm in diameter is going to be easy to cut, possibly even with bolt cutters. This is ideal for a thief as it is quiet and can be done in seconds. To combat this, you’re going to need a thick chain, held taught in its position, that requires the thief to use something loud. Unfortunately, yes, a grinder will break through the chain, but it may take some time and will be very loud, which works to your benefit as it will alert you.

ZOVII ZCL10-120 Alarmed Chain And Lock

There’s no definite way of securing your stuff from a grinder attack but forcing them to use something loud is your best bet in catching them or scaring them off.

7.      Layer your security

We’ll finish where we started. Layer your security! Having multiple lines of defence is always going to be better than just one single chain. Whether you’re travelling or just securing your bike at home, make sure you’re maximising your security.

There is no 100% way to guarantee that you’re not going to be a victim of bike theft. The truth is, if they’re determined enough, they’ll try to get it. The idea is to make it as hard for them as possible. Force them to use the noisiest weapons, it’s your best chance at catching them and keeping your bike safe.

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