BeMoto Insurance Partnership

We love to collab with like-minded people at Image4Security. We’re always looking to find people and businesses that share our aims, interests, and goals. And one of those goals is to provide excellent security and protection to motorcyclists across the country.

BeMoto are an insurance provider who categorise themselves as motorcyclist insurance specialists. They offer insurance for dirt bikes, track day insurance, multi-bike, race vans, and plenty more. They’re a brilliant provider with specialist knowledge in the biker world.


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We’ve been a fan of BeMoto forever and have been looking for more ways to get involved with them. So, without further ado, we’d like to announce our partnership with BeMoto!


BeMoto Insurance Discounts

For those who read our blogs, you’ll know that BeMoto are big supporters of what we do too. In fact, they are so confident in some of our security products, you can get an insurance discount just by having a Guardsman security barrier installed.

Save £30 Image4Security

Our Guardsman security barrier can be fitted to your garage or shed and prohibits anyone from getting your motorbike out as a result of its impressive telescopic arm. The Guardsman really is an extraordinary bit of kit and can save you up to 10% on your insurance if you insure your bike with BeMoto.

Read more about the partnership here.



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