Garage Security for Motorbikes

Protecting your bike is incredibly important. Really, we can’t stress this enough. It’s essential. If you’re paying all that money for your pride and joy, you should be considering security solutions alongside it to make sure it stays your pride and joy.

Not everyone has the same access to security as others, but if you do have access to a secure garage, you’re in a really privileged position. As such, we’ve compiled this blog for those with a garage looking to add that little bit of extra peace of mind and security.

The garage

A garage already is its own security. It means your bike is secured away, hopefully in four walls, away from the beady eyes of thieves. Opportunist thieves typically strike when they see a chance arise. But if your bike is away from sight, it is far less likely someone is going to take a stab in the dark that you have a bike and break into your garage. However just because it’s in your garage, this doesn’t mean it’s safe. Out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind without those extra layers. Garage doors are very flimsy and can be easily broken into. Don’t believe me? Type into YouTube ‘how to break into a garage door’. This does leave you open to an attack from a professional thief though. Or just someone who has noticed your bike being put in and out of your garage.

To protect against other threats, or a particularly skilled thief, you’ll want to consider ‘layering’ your garage security to make it harder for them to break through every line of your defence. This can mean  garage door security bar,  some CCTV, and a garage alarm system. Even a guard dog if your lazy staffy doesn’t mind a part time job. The idea is the more defence the better. You may not stop them, but you at least want to slow them down or worry them enough they clear off before completing the job.

What you need

To maximise your security, we recommend layering products. To start, you’ve already got your solid 4 walls, your bike is out of sight and close to home. What next to optimise your garage security?

Garage alarm system

The  Guardsman alarm system  can work in tandem with the  Guardsman garage  and  shed security barriers  and has lots of incredible features for your peace of mind. It has a vibration sensor that triggers a 130dB shriek at anyone who tries to tamper with it, or your bike. However, before this it will send a silent alert to you and up to 3 keyholders via call or SMS. This incredible garage alarm system also can be synced up to your smartphone.

A garage alarm system is a fantastic addition as it will alert you and hopefully scare the thieves away before they complete the job.

Garage door security bar

The  Guardsman garage door security barrier  is tested and approved by Sold secure and is completely unique and impressive. It acts as an impactive visual deterrent and is designed to resist every form of attack. This beast is secured to the ground; low enough that the average bike cannot fit under the  Guardsman barrier , and high enough that it will be incredibly difficult to lift over the top. The Guardsman takes up minimal floor space and utilises a telescopic arm to act as a physical barrier. Our Guardsman is so impressive, BeMoto offer an insurance discount to anyone who has a Guardsman installed.

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Garage chain anchor point

The chain anchor point is compatible with both the Guardsman garage and shed security barriers  and can be added to your Guardsman at a later date if required for that extra peace of mind. The anchor point is designed to work with the  Guardsman short link security chain  so that your bike is secured to something immovable to avoid it being lifted and carried away easily. The chain is impervious to HSS hacksaw attacks and the 16 and 20mm cannot be bolt cropped by hand. It has been fully through hardened making it the best chain range on the market for security.

ZOVII alarmed disc lock

The  ZD10 Disc Lock  provides solid security. It features an anti-theft security alarm, a carbide-reinforced steel locking pin with a double locking mechanism, providing higher resistant to cutting, sawing and corrosion and is housed in a weatherproof alloy casing. The lock also has an 120dB alarm, which can be heard over 500 meters away.

Garage security lock

We recommend the ZOVII;  smart alarmed shackle lock,  and smart series padlock. The genius little locks feature smart technology and effortlessly connect with your smartphone to send you instant direct messages when someone tampers with your lock. The app also allows you to monitor the lock status and any alarms that have gone off. The alarms also omit a 120dB shriek when disturbed.

Aside from what we can offer you, you’re going to want to add some additional extras to make your garage as secure as possible. Such as lights, CCTV, and door locks.

The bottom line

To finalise, you’re never 100% secure from a thief, and ultimately, if they want your bike bad enough, they’re gonna try their very best to get it. The idea of security, and especially ‘layering’ security, is to make their job as hard as possible. In the event of an attack, you want to make sure you’ve got plenty of defences lined up. So perhaps they do break through your security chain? No worries, you’ve also got a garage alarm system and a smart lock that’s shrieking and notifying you and your favourite neighbour of the attack.

Additionally, insurers recommend that you should be spending at least 10% of the value of your bike/s on securing it. Not much to pay when you consider the loss if it is stolen…

Check out  our blog  on the shocking impact having your bike stolen has on your bike (and also car) insurance premiums.


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