Garage security tips to make your home safer

Garages are excellent for storage and for securing your belongings away. For those with cars or motorbikes, a garage is a great place to keep your vehicle safe and secure. That said, even though garages offer fantastic security, a lot of homeowners are not maximising their garage security and running the risk of losing their belongings. Below we offer some garage security tips to make your home safer.

Break ins and thefts are often doable due to unlocked or poorly secured garages. A garage is a great first line of defence for securing your belongings, but you want to ensure you are using your garage to its full potential and not making silly mistakes that could result in a successful break in.

Lock your garage

It might sound silly, but some homeowners do not lock their garage at all. This gives thieves an entry point with absolutely no resistance. Additionally, if you do not regularly check your garage, a theft could occur, and you could be none the wiser for days.

Alternatively, if you do lock your garage, you should still consider the quality of your locks. Flimsy locks can break very easily and depending on the contents inside, high quality locks can be considered investments to protect your belongings.

ZOVII ZPL10I Smart Series Padlock | Front View

The idea is to make your garage as hard to get into as possible. It may not deter every thief, but making your garage hard to get into is your best first line of defence for deterring a thief.

Think like a burglar

Simply thinking like a thief and checking your home and garage for easy access/viewpoints is a great way of spotting ways to improve your security. For example, if you have windows to your garage that very clearly see in, spotting your motorbike or other valuables, this is an issue. This creates an entry point for criminals, but also provides opportunist thieves with the opportunity to see what’s inside and price up how much its worth. Block up windows is beneficial as it secures your garage from easy access and will save you the hassle of repairing a smashed window.

Exterior lighting

Exterior lighting is incredibly important for exterior security. Poorly lit buildings are often more at risk of being targeted as burglars are less likely to be seen. As a result, exterior lighting can help to make your garage less inviting to criminals. Motion sensor lighting can be the first line of defence in deterring a thief from attempting your locks. Pair some outdoor lighting with working CCTV, and you’ve got a great deterrent, and possible evidence if a burglary were to still take place.

Security systems

Having working and visible security systems are another way of deterring a thief from breaking in to your property. Having an alarmed garage security system is a great way to ensure peace of mind whether you’re at home or away. In the event of a break in, your alarm system will trigger, alerting those nearby, and hopefully scaring off the thief. Additionally, some security systems come with SMS updates and the option to call authorities if the alarm is triggered. Ideal if your garage holds lots of valuables.

Garage security

There are lots of security products on the market that work to beef up your garage and secure your belongings. If your garage holds a vehicle that you’re not too keen on getting nicked, a garage door defender is a great addition to your garage security that stops an intruder from getting in at all.

Our very aptly named, Defender, sits on the outside of your garage, stopping anyone from rolling the garage door and accessing your garage or its contents. Other garage security includes the Guardsman – a garage security bar that extends over the entryway of your garage to stop your car/bike being wheeled off, under, or picked up and carried over.

Garage Defender - Roller Shutter Door

Anchor points and Ground Anchors are another great addition if you’re securing a vehicle. Anchor points work by securing the wheel of your vehicle to the anchor point using a security chain. This ensures that your car or bike cannot be driven or wheeled away.

The Guardsman Anchor Point | 12mm Fully Hardened Construction 60MM Opening Industrial Fixings

Garage door security is a great way of securing your garage’s entryway and keeping vehicles static and secure. However, garage door security won’t do much for stopping a thief steal smaller things such as tools, that’s why there should be multiple methods of garage security. Including security systems, lighting, and hiding your belongings.

You know our mantra at Image4Security: layer your security. That goes for on the move security, home security, or garage security.

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