Guardsman Double Barrier Release

You’ll already know our Guardsman barrier for its impressive visual deterrence, powerful extending arm and brilliant reviews. But we’re going one step further and we’ve built an even bigger Guardsman – the Guardsman double barrier.

Our Guardsman is a completely unique garage/shed barrier and anchor system that provides the ultimate deterrent to would be thieves. We’ve thought of everything when engineering this beast: strong ground fixings, anti-attack lock and housing, and we’ve done some rigorous testing against every form of attack. The Guardsman smashes them all with flying colours.

It really is an impressive bit of kit and provides you with that extra layer of protection when at home. If you need any further convincing of its impressiveness, you can check out the reviews for our single Guardsman barrier here.

Our Guardsman double barrier offers total peace of mind, as well as:

  • 10-year personal guarantee
  • Insurance improved and if you use BeMoto insurance you’ll receive a discount on your insurance
  • Independently tested and approved by Sold Secure
  • British designed and manufactured



How it works

We position two locking posts against your outer garage walls, opposite each other, behind the garage door frame and pier, within the garage. Then we position the centre removable locking post in the middle of the garage opening. This centre locking post operates on a bayonet fitting. To remove the post for full garage access simply turn the post to release the fittings and then list to fully remove.

To lock the barrier simply ensure the centre locking post has been fixed into place using the bayonet fitting, slide the two opposing arm posts down and across to the centre of the garage. These arm posts have a male and female end connector which slide inside one another within the locking post. The barrel lock then slides into the head of the locking post and locks the two arms in place forming the physical barrier across your garage opening.

The extended arm sits high enough that the average bike cannot fit underneath and will be too heavy to lift over.

How does the centre post work?

The centre post is secured using a bayonet fitting into a floor plate which is approx. raised 15mm in height from the floor. This means if you need full access to your garage then the centre post can be easily removed simply by rotating the post 15 degrees and lifting.



What size garage will this fit?

This double barrier system has been designed for garage door openings of 3 meters to 5 meters in width. If your garage door opening is less than 3 meters in width, then consider our single garage security barrier. If your door opening width is larger than 5 meters, please get in touch to discuss.

Additionally, it can be connected to other security products such as security chains, alarm systems and anchor points to maximise security.

All the specs and additional info can be found on our website at the link here. If you have any further questions, worries or concerns, drop us a message and we’d be happy to let you know more.

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