How Do Ground Anchors Work?

Ground anchors are innovative, impressive, and a fantastic visual deterrent. Not many products would leave a thief questioning their abilities to nick your stuff, but a ground anchor might stop them dead in their tracks.

Of course, we always encourage using multiple lines of defence to give you the best chance at avoiding theft but having a ground anchor is a great product to have as part of your defence. From there you can layer up additional security, such as security chains, locks, garage or shed security, and alarmed products.

What Is a Ground Anchor?

A ground anchor is a device used to secure an object to the ground. Our ground anchors can be expertly fitted to the ground or the wall, providing you with a fixed place to secure your vehicles. Simply run a security chain through the opening and onto your vehicle and you’ll be confident that your investment is safe and sound, guarded by your ground anchor.

Why Use a Ground Anchor?

There are several reasons why you might want to use a ground anchor. Maybe you live in an area with high crime rates and want to deter thieves from targeting your property. Or perhaps you’re going on holiday or away for some time and want to make sure your car, motorcycle, or bike stays put. Ground anchors are incredibly innovative and because they’re bolted to the ground – they’re entirely immovable. This makes them the ideal solution for anyone looking for maximum security.



Our ground anchors work by being bolted firmly to the ground or wall. Once in place, a security chain can be passed through the opening and attached to your vehicle. The ground anchor is completely immovable, meaning that even the strongest thief will not be able to dislodge it and drive off with your vehicle.

This will prompt them to use a grinder, but luckily, we’ve got the perfect solution…

Our most impressive ground anchor – The Apex Pro is made from incredibly durable materials and was tested, attacked, and re-designed to create a product that can withstand all forms of attacks. The Apex Pro has been designed with grinder attacks in mind, ensuring the top plate and outer plate were bigger than a grinder disc. Additionally, the base plate has been engineered so that a wrecking bar couldn’t be used underneath, providing you with an attack-proof defence point that will keep hold of your vehicles for years to come.

In fact, we’re so impressed with our Apex Pro, it comes with a lifetime warranty. So, consider your Apex Pro a worthwhile investment for securing your vehicles for a lifetime. You can see our Apex Pro in all its glory here.


We have a load of products that can be paired with your ground anchor. Chiefly, they work with a security chain. We’ve mentioned before that a security chain can be broken into with a grinder, however the thicker your chain, the longer it’ll take for a thief to cut through it. And if they’re using the noisy grinder, you’ll likely be able to hear it and intervene.

Other products that can be layered with your ground anchor include alarm locks that will trigger a shriek if tampered with, further alerting you of any attacks against your goods.


Fitting a ground anchor is simple. Just choose a convenient location – either on the ground or on the wall – and use the appropriate fixing for the surface. You can find a more in-depth installation guide here. Alternatively, we can install it for you.


Any chain above a 14mm diameter is unable to be cut by a bolt-cropper and will drive the thief to use noisy machinery such as an angle grinder. For the best protection, we stock a 20mm security chain.

Next time you’re considering a new purchase to beef up your motorbike security, consider the Apex Pro. For more motorbike security tips, you can read our blog. If you’d like to know more about what we do, the security products we have on offer, or anything else for that matter, get in touch.

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