How Do I Keep My Car Secure?

With around 109,000 vehicle thefts taking place in England and Wales in 2021/2022, keeping your car secure is essential.

Now, we know we’re a motorbike security company, but we just can’t see our car-driving counterparts go without. As such, we’ve not only begun looking at ways to help improve your car security, but we’ve also compiled this handy blog for you. No need to thank us…

So, what is the best way to secure your car? By layering multiple products, of course! We’ve discussed this before but the best way to stay protected is to ensure you have several lines of simultaneous defence to combat a determined thief.

Luckily, we’ve got a great selection of products you can use to secure your car when at home.


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The Garage

Your garage is your best mate when it comes to securing your vehicles. A solid four walls and a closable door keep away opportunist thieves and stop shifty eyes from evaluating what they could get away with. Our range of car security works best with a garage for the best security.

Our Guardsman range includes an impressive security barrier that can fit a shed, garage, or double garage. The Guardsman works using a long telescopic arm. This arm extends over the entryway of your garage and stops anyone from driving your car out. It is the first product of its kind and is both visually powerful and innovative.

Our Guardsman products are British manufactured and designed and come with a 10-year guarantee as part of our promise to provide excellent security.

The Guardsman also has the option to include an anchor point for you to secure your car to. Simply run a security chain (up to 25 mm) through the anchor point and attach it to your car’s wheel to keep it secured in one place. If anyone does try to steal your car, they’re not getting any further than the length of the chain – and probably even less than that if you’ve got the Guardsman locked into place, too.

If you’re looking to beef up your garage security enough that a thief takes one look at it and decides it’s too risky, you’ll want one of our Garage Defenders. Our Defenders come in two choices: the roller shutter version and an up-and-over door version. All you need to do is position your Defender outside the garage door. Lock everything into place with a bullet lock and your garage is secured against anyone opening it up and helping themselves to your goods.

Our Defenders have been expertly manufactured to withstand attack, including the dreaded grinder. That means you can lock and unlock your Defender in seconds using the nifty bullet lock. But for anyone trying to break in, they’re going to be trying for a while and will be forced into using the noisiest tools around, which will alert you and anyone nearby, giving you chance to catch them in the act or alert the police.

Our Defenders are grinder and drill resistant, in addition to being UK designed and manufactured – and they come with a 10-year guarantee.


Other Security

If you don’t have a garage, products like ground anchors are a great way to keep your car fixed in one place. Alternatively, smaller products, such as wheel locks and trackers, are worthwhile.

Other products like dash cameras are a great investment too. Some dash cams offer accident recording, which means the camera will detect movement and begin recording prior to impact and then record for a set amount of time after the impact too. This includes a potential break-in or attempted theft of your vehicle. Your dashcam will begin recording and hopefully capture the thief’s appearance to help identify them.

Other ways to secure your car include parking in well-lit areas with good visibility. This will make it harder for thieves to target your car and give you a better chance of spotting anyone that does.

You should also remove any valuables from your car before leaving it unattended. If you must leave valuables in your car, keep them out of sight and locked in the boot.

If you’re afraid of your car being stolen, the trick is to make it look less valuable and more difficult to break into than any other cars around it.


As you probably already know, we offer a range of brilliant motorbike security and cycling security products, too. So, you can keep every vehicle safe from potential threats. If you’d like to know more about what we can do for your car security, get in touch.

Alternatively, check out our blog page for more tips and info.

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