How Thieves Break into Garage Doors (And Ways to Stop Them!)

Theft is something a lot of people will experience in their lifetime, whether it’s a break-in to your home or the theft of your car or bike. But did you know that garages are also susceptible to thieves?

At Image4 Security, we are always harping on about the importance of using your garage and securing your bike or other vehicles in there. However, if you are using your garage, it is just as important to invest in a secure garage door with top-notch security to prevent someone from breaking in.

In this blog post, we’re going to show you how thieves typically break into garage doors in the UK, and what products from Image4Security you can use to prevent this from happening to you.

Different Ways Thieves Break into Garage Doors

Thieves are always thinking of new ways to break into homes and garages, but there are typically four ways they will attempt to break into your garage door.

The first way is by pulling/pushing the door up until the locking mechanism pops out of the bracket. This is only possible on up-and-over garage doors that are not automated.

The second way is by lifting the door from the tracks. This can be done by removing the pins that hold the door in place and then lifting the door off its hinges.

The third way is to force entry by breaking the panels of the door. This is typically done with a crowbar or screwdriver and can be very effective if the thief knows what they are doing. You should always assume the thief knows what they’re doing and prep your garage with the best security.

The fourth way, and probably the most common, is through an unlocked door. Even if you have a lock on your garage door, if you don’t use it, then it might as well not be there. Thieves will look for an easy opportunity and if your garage door is unlocked, then that’s exactly what they’ll go for.

Types of Garage Doors

There are four main types of garage doors:

Your garage door should always be secure and safe as it is the most common way for a thief to gain access to your garage. If you leave your garage unlocked, you are basically inviting a thief to take your belongings.

secure garage door

How to Secure Your Garage Door

Automated door

The best way to a secure garage door is to automate it. This might seem like an expensive investment, but it’s worth it for the security of your home and belongings.

An automated garage door will have sensors that detect when the door is open or closed and will automatically close the door when it is opened. This means that even if you forget to close your door, it will do it for you. Automated garage doors also come with a remote control so you can open and close the door without having to get out of your car.

If you have an up and over garage door, you should also invest in a hefty lock or extensive locking system. There are different types of locks that can be used, such as padlocks and shackle locks. You can also use our Garage Defender to literally defend your garage door. We stock a roller door and up and over version that ensures your garage door is always secured and kept shut, unable to be opened.

Our Garage Defender works by bolting to the floor using 3 M8 bolted sleeve anchors. The Defender slides and locks into place, triggering a bullet lock that prevents the Defender from being removed. Our Garage Defender is grinder and drill attack resistant and comes with a 10-year guarantee. It is the perfect addition to your garage security and can helpfully keep your garage door shut from even the most persistent thieves.

Remember, if they can’t get in, they can’t steal.

Alarm systems

You can also install an alarm system that is linked to your garage door. This way, if the door is opened without the alarm being disarmed, it will go off and notify you (or the police) that there is a break-in happening. We also carry more versatile alarmed products to use on your motorcycle, bike, or car to ensure you will be notified in the event of a break-in or attempted theft.

Our Guardsman garage security barrier comes with an additional alarm system. It works by detecting vibrations and will trigger if it suspects movement or an attempted break-in. The Guardsman alarm system will trigger a 130dB siren, as well alert up to 3 keyholders of the break-in. The Guardsman alarm system will not stop someone from breaking into your garage, but if they do manage to get in, you can rest easy knowing you’ll be notified immediately.


Having CCTV installed in your garage is also a great way to increase security as it provides visual evidence of any break-in or attempted break-in. It can also act as a deterrent, as thieves are less likely to attempt to break into a property that has CCTV installed.

The idea is to make your garage seem as unappealing as possible and ensure if they do attempt to break in, you have multiple lines of defence to make it harder for them to steal and easier to be caught.

Guardsman Security Barrier

Our Guardsman range has some of the best products you can have to secure your vehicles. While it doesn’t secure your garage door from being broken into, it will stop anyone from wheeling your bike or car out of your garage. The Guardsman is a physical barrier that goes across the front of your garage door, preventing anything from being taken. It is made from high-strength steel and is powder coated for maximum durability. The Guardsman is also grinder attack resistant and comes with a 10-year guarantee. For that extra layer of security, an anchor point can be attached so that you can secure your motorbike or regular bike to it too.




Remember, layering security products is always the way to go. You’re always better off with multiple lines of defence rather than just one. Secure the exterior and add inside security like our Guardsman barrier to ensure your vehicles are safe and top it all off with a visible alarm or CCTV security system. You can read more tips on how to secure your garage here.

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