How to secure your car with garage security

Every day, 133 cars are stolen in the UK, with thieves known to steal cars straight from outside the victim’s home. We know we’re usually bike enthusiasts, but when you create products as good as ours, we want all vehicle users to get some use out of them and protect their valuables.

Keeping an expensive purchase secure, like a car, is crucial and if you have a garage, storing it inside is a great first step. But four walls are never enough to deter the most relentless of thieves. At Image4Security, we believe that the best security is lots of it. We are proud to innovate, design and manufacture vehicle security products that will help protect your car and keep it secure in your garage.

We offer a range of security barriers, lights, and alarms. So, rest assured, there’s a handful of options that can help increase your garage security and will ultimately keep your car secure.

Secure the door

The weakest point of any garage is the door itself. As this is the entry point into the garage, it’s important to ensure that it stays secure.

While it may seem obvious, a lot of people leave their garages unlocked. Checking that the door is locked is the first step to any security measures. Break-ins and thefts often happen due to unlocked or poorly secured garages, and you don’t want to be one of the bozos who’s fallen victim to your own trusting nature.

Checking that the garage door is in good condition and that the locks are well maintained is also a must to keep your car safe inside. A flimsy garage door is only slightly better than no garage at all.

Garage Defender

An innovative piece of kit engineered by none other than the Image4 team is the garage defender. The garage defender functions similarly to a ground anchor. It basically sits on the outside of your garage door, prohibiting it from being opened and It comes in two variations – an up and over door or a roller shutter door.

The garage Defender sits on the outside of your door, stopping any potential thieves from peeling back and prying open your garage door. It’s securely bolted into the floor, equipped with our unique bullet lock that prevents the garage Defender from being removed, locking it into position. The lock and housing unit is fully protected internally, designed to be incredibly grinder resistant, visually impressive and virtually attack proof.

Our unique garage Defender is fully powder coated with the floor base plate being constructed from stainless steel to also withstand the adverse UK weather. The Defender is manufactured here in the UK and comes complete with a 10-year guarantee.

The roller shutter garage Defender is the first of its kind and uses a plate, attached to the roller shutter door itself, which is trapped within the Defender and the base plate to prevent the roller shutter door from being forcefully lifted and opened.

Garage defender Roller shutter door

Add lights

A simple solution that will help add a layer of security in protecting your car is to install exterior lighting. Most thieves operate under the cover of darkness and exterior lights, particularly motion sensor lights, will not give them that chance.

Illuminating the space in front of your garage or wherever your car is parked will make a huge difference at a cost-effective price. Additionally, combining motion sensor lights with some CCTV gives you the best opportunity of catching the crook and using the footage as evidence.

Install an alarm system

While you usually keep your house secure with an alarm system, consider installing one in your garage too.

If you store your car inside your garage, it’s crucial to keep it safe and an alarm system will be able to alert you – or witnesses nearby – of any intruders. This will provide you with the chance to act and alert the authorities before a burglar can make off with your car.

The Guardsman Car Security Barrier

To ensure that a thief can’t make off with your car if they break in, consider installing the Guardsman. This exceptional security barrier is a revolutionary garage security necessity, designed and manufactured by us.

The Guardsman is a visually impressive garage door security barrier that has been specifically engineered to withstand all forms of attack. It securely locks into place to stop your vehicle from being driven out of your garage at an optimal height.

Our sleek and impressive Guardsman is a unique garage barrier designed with a built-in anchor system for enhanced protection. The anchor system works by securing your car wheel to the anchor point with an additional security chain. If you have a garage, make sure you’re optimising your security with the Guardsman.


Car Security Barrier Bar

Install CCTV

When it comes to security, keeping eyes on the situation is a great way to stay ahead of an intruder. By installing a CCTV security system in your garage, you will be able to assess and watch the situation hopefully before it happens, which will offer you an important advantage.

Some CCTV systems also offer the ability to record and save footage directly to the Cloud once tripped by motion sensors, providing you with valuable evidence to take to the authorities if you’re on the hunt for the bike thief.

Keep your car secure

While many upmarket cars today do come with added security measures, there is still the likely danger of them being hacked and stolen, in particular from your own garage. Unfortunately, there is no one set method for keeping your car secure.

However, by increasing your garage security, whether that’s through a garage defender, security barrier or an alarm system, each step in layering your security system, will act as a deterrent and keep your car secure.

After all, the best protection is lots of it.

As always with us we’d like to end on the importance of layering your security and ask if you have any questions or would like to know more about any of our products, drop us a message. You can browse all our car security products right here.

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