How to secure your car with the Guardsman barrier

At Image4Security we are proud to be innovating, designing, and manufacturing motorbike security products. We have created some impressive kit, including security barriers for your garage, and shed, anchor systems, and lots more.

That said, we also understand the severity of car theft, and as such, want to enlighten you on how to use our products to secure your car, as well as your bike.

On average, 133 cars get stolen every day in Britain, so securing your vehicles is imperative.

The Guardsman Garage Security Barrier Bar Close Up with Car behind


If you’re familiar with us, you’ll know our Guardsman barrier is a gamechanger for garage security. The Guardsman is a visually impressive garage door security bar that locks into place to stop your car (or your bike) from being wheeled out of your garage.

The Guardsman is a completely unique garage security barrier with a built-in anchor system for enhanced protection. The anchor system works by securing your car or bike wheel to the anchor point with a security chain. This stops any potential thieves being able to wheel off or pick up your vehicles.

Aside from its looks, the Guardsman has been specially engineered to withstand all forms of attack. It has incredibly strong ground fixings, as well as an anti-attack lock and housing. We’ve performed multiple attacks on this beast, and it always comes out stronger.


  • Independently tested and approved by Sold Secure
  • Insurance approved – BeMoto offer an insurance discount if you have a Guardsman security bar
  • 10-year personal guarantee
  • British design and manufacture
  • Telescopic arm


The Guardsman’s arm and locking post sit opposite each other and behind your garage door frame. It takes up minimal floor space to minimise trip hazards and maximise your garage floor space.

The telescopic arm glides and locks into position to form a physical barrier between the outside and the contents of your garage.

To secure your car simply park your car into the garage. From there you can leave it parked or use a security chain to attach the wheel of the car to the built-in anchor point on your Guardsman.

Once secured to the anchor point, simply extend the arm and lock it into place across your garage door. Once locked into place your security barrier will remain there strong and study. If the worst were to happen, you can rest assured that your car or bike is under no threat of being driven off or picked up.

How to Secure your Garage With The Guardsman | Garage Security Barrier Bar & G80 Chain Anchor


Garage security barriers are a fantastic addition to your garage security, but as always, we do recommend layering your products for enhanced security.

For example, adding an alarm system is a fantastic investment to ensure your vehicles are always under protection. Other forms of security can include disc locks, alarmed padlocks, grip locks and security chains.

Layered security provides the best protection against thieves and ensures your vehicles have multiple lines of defence in the event of a theft. After all, the best protection is a lot of it.

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