How To Secure Your Garage With The Guardsman

If you’ve got a motorbike, security should always be in the back of your mind. It is recommended that for every 10k your bike is worth, you should be spending an additional 1k on security to keep it safe. So, for example, if your bike is worth 15k, that’s an additional 1.5k of security to keep it secure from thieves.

A secure garage is a dream come true for bike owners looking to protect their pride and joy. Four solid walls keeping your bike away from thieving eyes can be a fantastic first line of defence. Add a garage security lock or garage door security bar  and you’ve got yourself a top-notch garage security system. At Image4 Security, we’re big on layering security products. We’re firm believers that the best security is a lot of it. We recommend having multiple lines of defence to keep your bike as safe and secure as possible.

Aside from motorbike security products to secure your bike, you’re going to want to add extra defence to the garage itself. Be prepared for everything and maximise your garage security however you can.


Burglars tend to favour the dark to try go undiscovered. It’s your job to make sure your garage is the least safe option for them. That means working lights that trigger via motion sensors. If a thief does fancy your garage, they’re most likely going to be put off by bright lights that can make them easily identifiable.


If you do have the luxury of deciding where your garage goes, you’re going to want it within eyeline of you and your neighbours. If the worst does happen, you’re going to want witnesses. Additionally, clearing away any visual obstructions such as bushes or trees is also a good idea. If someone is doing something dodgy its better that they have nowhere to hide while doing it.


It might seem silly to say, “lock your doors”, but some people are guilty of trusting their neighbourhood a little too much. Unlocked garages and doors are actually a big problem, and a lot of thieves will help themselves to whatever you have on offer if you don’t lock it up correctly.

Additionally, choosing appropriate locks is also important. Having proper garage security locks on your garage can be the difference between a thief getting in in seconds, or taking just a bit longer, alerting you or your neighbours to the danger.

Hide Your Valuables

No matter where you keep your valuables, hiding them from plain view can be another additional layer of security. If you don’t have a garage for your bike, it is recommended to use a cover to ensure no one can see your bike and consider if its worth enough to steal. The same goes for if its locked away. A cover can help it go undetected if someone looks through the window or break in.

Add To Your Garage

Additional layers of security will ensure your garage is the only thing that takes any damage. A working alarm system is a good first addition. An alarm system will alert you and any neighbours of an attack and hopefully scare away the thief before they get in.

CCTV are also essential for looking after valuables. 60% of convicted burglars admitted that if they saw a working alarm/CCTV system, they would avoid trying to break into that house. Working CCTV is also beneficial for evidence if the worst was to happen.

Lights. As mentioned above, they have a huge impact on making your garage look less appealing.

The Guardsman Garage Bar

We of course recommend having our  Guardsman garage security bar fitted to protect your bike. If you haven’t guessed already, our Guardsman is impressive. For that reason, we recommend that any motorbike owners use it as garage door security bar to secure their bike in their garage or shed. It locks with a ZOVII smart alarmed padlock and triggers a 120dB anti-theft alarm alerting nearby homes, as well as sending an SMS alert to your phone alerting you of the attack.

The Guardsman is a garage door security bar built at the ideal height that the average bike is too heavy to be lifted over and too tall for the average bike to be able to slide under. It works because the arm and locking post each sit opposite each other against the shed door frame.

It takes up minimal space, making the Guardsman garage security lock bar a sleek, unobtrusive piece of kit that minimises trip hazards and maximises shed floor space. The telescopic arm glides and locks into position within seconds forming a physical barrier between the outside world and your personal possessions giving you total peace of mind when you’re out and about.

If you’re still not sold, the Guardsman comes fitted with anchor points that you can chain your bike to as another layer of defence for the ultimate garage security system.

Lastly, we know that no amount of security is going to stop someone from stealing something if they’re truly determined to steal it. The idea of layered security is to make it as hard for them as possible. Rather a tried and failed attempt than a successful one. After all, we’d all rather pay for new locks on the garage than the bike that was in there.

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Guardsman security bar with security chain

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