How to Secure Your Motorbike at Home

Once again, we are back to tell you how important your motorbike security is, even if it’s locked up in the comfort of your own home. Whether it’s in the middle of the kitchen under a CCTV camera or locked up inside your garage, there is bound to be something extra you can do to provide extra security while you’re at home.

We’ve said it all before, but if you have a garage – use it. When we talk about at-home security for your motorbike, we don’t mean a guard dog or a bouncer for your home, we mean any security you can install to secure your motorbike when at home. Things such as locks, chains, alarms, and any garage or shed security make up your home security efforts.

Below we’ve included everything you can have at home to keep your motorbike secure and give you the best chance at avoiding a thief stealing your bike. Asgard reports that 80% of bikes are stolen from the owner’s home, which makes it all the more important to secure your bike when at home!

Below, we’re going to cover all the necessary at-home security you can use to secure your bike and provide the best line of defence should the worst happen or attempt to happen.


Guardsman Range

Our Guardsman range is innovative, sturdy, and an absolute must-have for securing your bike in a garage or a shed. The Guardsman range includes the infamous garage barrier and double garage barrier. Our Guardsman is approved by SoldSecure and insurance approved by BeMoto.

BeMoto are so impressed with the Guardsman, in fact, that they offer a discount on your bike insurance if you can prove you have a Guardsman fitted.

It works via a long telescopic arm that extends over the length of the entryway to your garage. The Guardsman security barrier is completely unique, posing as a strong visual deterrent and offering a powerful ground anchor to secure your bike.

The Guardsman is situated at a height where the average bike could not be wheeled under and would definitely be too heavy to be lifted over. However, if by some miracle the thief stealing your bike is Pop Eye, you also have the ground anchor which your bike SHOULD be secured to.

Our Guardsman comes in a shed edition, as well as a double garage edition, making it the perfect at-home garage or shed security for your motorbike or your car.

The Guardsman:

  • Industry-leading
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Anti-tamper fixings
  • Insurance approved
  • Space saving
  • Custom colour options
  • Unique design and manufacturing


Ground Anchors

Another innovative piece of garage security, a ground anchor works by bolting to the ground. Once secured to the ground, you can run a security chain through the anchor and secure your bike, ensuring no one can pick your bike up or wheel it off.

Our Apex Pro is top of the food chain when it comes to motorcycle ground anchors. Its industry-leading design, diamond Sold Secure rating, and lifetime warranty make it incredibly powerful, sturdy, and reliable.

If you keep your bike secured in your garage and you can install a ground anchor – you definitely should. Our Apex Pro has been designed to be virtually attack-proof, and believe me, we’ve attacked it a lot. You can watch our good mate Tea Pot One attack it here!

For complete peace of mind, a ground anchor is a worthwhile investment to ensure your motorbike is secured to something at all times. That’s not to say that a thief couldn’t still use a grinder or other attack tool to try and pry free your bike. However, if they do attempt this, the grinder would be loud enough to alert you and the Apex Pro is durable enough to buy you some time to catch them in the act or alert the police.


Security Chains

A security chain should be the bare minimum of your motorbike security and can be used at home or easily carried around with you for on-the-go security. You can link your security chain through various immovable objects when out and about, but for home security, you can use your security chain to secure your bike to a ground anchor, the Guardsman, or simply lock it to something else.

A security chain is incredibly versatile, coming in a variety of chain widths (13, 16, 20mm). At Image4Security we also stock a variety of alarmed products, including the Zovii alarmed chain and lock.

The Zovii alarmed lock combines physical, high-strength security with an impressive ear-striking anti-theft alarm that triggers when tampered with and can be heard up to 500 meters away.


Garage Defender

Our Defender range consists of garage door defence. Our impressive and aptly named Defenders work by sitting on the outside of the garage and locking into place to prevent your garage door from being opened or broken into.

We stock two types of garage Defender: the roller shutter edition or an up-and-over garage version. The roller shutter version is the first of its kind and prohibits anyone from getting into your garage. Even if you don’t own a motorbike, the Defender range is ideal for adding additional security to your garage and ensuring no one can break in easily.

So, if you keep any other vehicles, expensive collectibles, or even a body in the garage… your garage Defender is going to keep it secure.



We stock a huge variety of locks to be used at home and on the go.

Padlocks are one of the most useful locking solutions to be used at home. With your security chain attached to your bike, lock it all in safely with a padlock and ensure you’ve added several lines of defence.

Your versatile lock can be used for just about anything and can help secure your bike at home. Always remember that several lines of defence are better than one. Should a thief be successful in breaking through your first defence, you should have something else to back you up.

For extra security, we also stock a Zovii alarmed padlock that triggers a shriek when tampered with to alert you that your bike may be vulnerable. While a basic padlock and chain won’t protect your bike from everything, having an alarmed padlock could be an asset to you, alerting you to an attack and giving you valuable time to stop the thief or alert the police.

Other locks include disc locks, D-locks, shackle locks, and more.



Aside from motorbike security, your shed or garage, or wherever you keep your bike at home, should also have additional security measures such as working CCTV, an alarm system, and some sort of lighting. Ideally, motion sensor lights that trigger when someone walks nearby will help put off a criminal from stealing your bike. Add a working and visible CCTV camera and it’s unlikely they’ll even attempt it.

However, if they still do, no bother. You’ve got your garage defender blocking entry to the garage and your bike is locked up and shackled to your ground anchor anyway – multiple lines of defence working perfectly together for the ideal at-home security. You’ll thank us later!

If you need any more advice about your motorbike, bike, or car security, get in touch with us directly and we’d be happy to tell you how good our products are and how you can beef up your home security.

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