How To Secure Your Motorbike Out and About

We’ve covered a lot of topics before, namely, how to secure your bike at home with our Guardsman for your shed or your garage. But we’ve not yet told you how best to secure your bike while on the go.

If you’re a frequent visitor of Image4security’s  blogs, you’ll know that our mantra is the best security is a lot of it. We believe in layering security products and having several lines of defence from an attack. We all know that if a thief is determined enough, they’re going to get what they want. The job of motorbike security products is to test their determination and make it as hard as possible to get their hands on your bike.

Now, if you are out and about, you’re not going to have the luxury of a garage or a shed to hide your bike. That said, there are other advantages of being out in the open: there are a lot more eyes watching your bike. For example, if of the 100 people around you, 1 decides to try their luck with your bike security, you’ve potentially got another 99 witnesses that can help you catch the thief, get the bike back, or stop the crime from happening at all. So it has positives and negatives.

Aside from watchful eyes, you’re going to want some additional security measures. As mentioned above, we recommend layering multiple motorbike security products to maximise security. It is recommended that for every 10k your bike is worth, you should be spending 1k on security. So say for example you’ve got a 15k bike, that should be 1.5k of security in your shopping basket too.

The Products

There are a lot of motorbike security devices on the market, but we think we carry an excellent range to efficiently protect your bike.

Motorbike security grip lock

A motorbike security grip lock such as our Zovii ZHL alarmed grip lock is light enough to carry around with you and features an anti-theft security alarm and weatherproof casing, perfect for on the go.

Disc lock

Zovii ZD10 alarmed disc lock: Expertly uses an anti-theft security alarm and a carbide reinforced steel locking pin with double locking mechanism to protect your bike from cutting and sawing attempts. Additionally, its 120dB alarm can be heard from over 500 meters away to alert anyone nearby of a potential threat.

Ground anchor

Ground anchors are typically used for staying in one place, such as in your garage or shed, as they bolt to the ground. The Kovix KGA is a self-locking ground anchor  which takes away the need for a padlock as you have your chain, lock and anchor all secured in one product. They’re not suitable for use on the go, but their use is something to keep in mind when out and about: always try to secure your bike to something solid that cannot be moved (such as a lamp post or other fitted structure).

Security chain

A chain and lock should be the bare minimum of security for your bike. We’re proud to offer the first self-locking security chain in the UK to feature an anti-theft alarm. The Zovii ZCL10-120i  can be taken absolutely anywhere and work perfectly. The alarm combines physical strength with fantastic security. As well as an impressive 120dB shriek when tampered with.

Of course, we offer other security chains such as our Guardsman 2m short link security chain which should be used with a padlock but can also be used with a ground anchor for further protection.


We carry a few locks, all impressive in their own right. Our Zovii ZCL10-120 alarmed chain and lock as mentioned above.

Next, we have the Zovii ZBL12I smart alarmed shackle lock. It features smart connectivity and a built in 120dB alarm, and it doubles up as a disc lock if you’re out and about. It connects to your smartphone via the ZIG platform and can send you real time messages and updates if your security is compromised. The app allows you to monitor the lock status, as well as add other users.

Zovii ZPL10-i smart series padlock. Another one of our smart devices that can connect to your smartphone with ease. It will send you real time updates on the security of your bike and will alert you and let off an alarm if tampered with.

Zovii ZVS14 disc lock features a 14mm carbide reinforced locking pin, weatherproof stainless steel casing and it looks the part.

Zovii ZNU14-230I smart alarmed D lock. It connects to your smartphone and sends you instant messages when someone tampers with your lock. Its 14mm carbine reinforced U-bar is bolt cropper and leverage resistant.

If you have any questions regarding any of our products, head over to the products page for a list of FAQ’s.

As you can see, we carry an excellent range of motorbike security devices to suit your needs, all of which work fantastically while you’re out and about. It can feel like you’re sacrificing some of your safety when out and about on your bike, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Layering your security maximises your safety and ensures any thief is going to have to work incredibly hard to get their hands on your bike. We can’t guarantee protection, but we can give a thief a good line of defence first.

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Other security tips

  • Buy a cover for your bike. If it cannot be seen easily, it cannot be evaluated by an opportunist thief.
  • Secure your bike to something solid and immovable when out and about to minimise risk of it being carried off or wheeled away.
  • Immobilisers
  • Trackers
  • Write your postcode and name on parts of the bike. If it is stolen for parts, the parts become a lot harder to sell and the bike can be traced back to you a lot easier.
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