How To Secure Your Shed With Our Guardsman Shed Security Bar

Our Guardsman barrier is completely unique shed lock bar. There is quite literally nothing else like it on the market. We’re confident in its strength, durability, and visual deterrence. Additionally, BeMoto are just as impressed with our Guardsman as shed door security and offer a discount on their insurance if you have a Guardsman barrier fitted.


The Guardsman shed security bar works to secure your bike while it is housed in your garage or shed. Garden sheds are common targets for thieves looking to pinch whatever you have locked away. Garden sheds are usually also less secure than the house/garage which makes them easy targets. For this reason, securing your shed and investing in shed door security is incredibly important, especially if you keep valuables in there such as tools, car parts, or in this case, your motorbike.

This blog aims to give you a few tips on how best to secure your shed against thieves, and how best to protect your motorbike with our Guardsmen shed security barrier.

The Guardsman Shed Bar

If you haven’t guessed already, our Guardsman is impressive. For that reason, we recommend that any motorbike owners use it as shed door security to secure their bike in their garage or shed. It locks with a ZOVII smart alarmed padlock and triggers a 120dB anti-theft alarm alerting nearby homes, as well as sending an SMS alert to up to three keyholders alerting them of the attack.

The Guardsmen is built at the ideal height that the average bike is too heavy to be lifted over and too tall for the average bike to be able to slide under. It works because the arm and locking post each sit opposite each other against the shed door frame. It takes up minimal space, making the Guardsman shed security lock bar a sleek, unobtrusive piece of kit that minimises trip hazards and maximises shed floor space. The telescopic arm glides and locks into position within seconds forming a physical barrier between the outside world and your personal possessions giving you total peace of mind when you’re out and about.

If you’re still not sold, the Guardsman bar comes fitted with anchor points that you can chain your bike to as another layer of defence for the ultimate motorbike security shed.

If you’re more of a visual learner, below is a link to how to secure your shed with our Guardsman. 


When considering where to place your shed, ideally, you’ll want it so that it cannot be seen from the street, but equally not too out of sight as you will want to be able to see it from your home. If you are targeted by a thief, you will want to be able to see them from your house.

Anchor the shed

If you have a smaller shed, a thief could possibly lift one side up and gain access to your belongings. To prevent this, you’ll ned to anchor your shed to the ground. You can do this by using breeze blocks to weigh it down, attach the shed to a wall, or use L brackets, screws and rawl plugs.

Obscure the windows

For sheds with windows, thieves can easily look in and assess if it’s worth breaking into. Additionally, windows can be smashed as an easy access point for thieves to climb through. For this reason, it is a good idea to obscure all windows from becoming an access point.

Replace door hinges

Door hinges are one of the weaker points. They’re normally attached with short screws and can be easily unscrewed or forced off. To toughen them up you can replace the screws with nuts and bolts and superglue the nut to the bolt on the inside of the door.

Improve door locks

The lock your shed comes with will be a basic one that a thief can easily get through. You’ll want to purchase a strong lock that doesn’t look too flashy. Having a hefty lock may encourage thieves to see what you’ve got in the shed that needs such impressive protection. Closed shackle locks are a good idea.

Fit an alarm

A burglar still may try attempt to break into your shed no matter what precautions you put in place. Fitting an alarm still may not stop them trying, but it is a very strong visual deterrent and can cause them to flee once they trigger the alarm.

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