How To Use a Motorbike Chain and Lock

A motorbike security chain and lock are the very basics of motorbike security products. At Image4 Security we pride ourselves on innovative and reliable security products that keep your bike safe. That said, we do understand the importance of the simpler security products and see them as a base to build layered security off.

There are loads of chains and locks out there and it can be tricky navigating the market to see which one will suit you best. A good indicator of the quality of a product is their grade (if tested by a test house), and people’s reviews. If you’re not familiar with testing grades, Sold Secure are the UK’s leading test house for motorbike security products and grade their products (bronze – diamond under various categories) based on how resistant they are to different types of attack. If this is still a bit too confusing though, read reviews to gage what will work best for you.

It may seem tedious but there are ‘wrong’ ways to secure your bike that actually make it easier for an attacker to get to. Below we’ve covered how best to use your lock and chain to maximise your security.

Alternatively, one way to beef up your standard lock and chain is to invest in alarmed products. The Zovii ZCL10-120 is an alarmed chain and lock combination. It comes with a casing to protect the links and has an anti-theft alarm that shrieks when tampered with.

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Locking your bike

The best way to secure your bike is to keep it in a brick built, locked garage with an alarm system. This isn’t an option for everyone, but if you do have a garage, you should consider yourself very lucky and utilise it for maximised security.

If you do have a garage, your security shouldn’t stop there. You should still have your motorbike secured to something physical, such as a motorbike ground anchor. Our Apex Pro ground anchor is a great choice. The Apex Pro is fitted to the ground and acts as an immovable anchor to secure your motorbike to. Once your bike is secured it stops thieves from carrying your bike away or wheeling it out.

If you don’t have a garage, you’re going to want to try recreating some of the perks of having a garage. For example, a bike cover can help your bike to blend into the dark and avoid opportunist thieves. Adding additional security such as a motorbike ground anchor to secure your bike to is a gamechanger for peace of mind. Add an alarmed padlock so you can sleep soundly knowing if your bike is under threat, you’re going to hear it.

No matter how secure you think your bike is, it can’t hurt to add additional layers, just in case.

Using the lock

It may seem silly but there is a right and a wrong way to use a padlock. For the best protection, you’re going to want to get the chain as tight as possible. If you can, park between a wall or other large object, keeping the chain between the two to make it as hard as possible for thieves to reach.

Chain and locks should be kept off the ground, to avoid them being smashed into with a hammer or other weapon of choice. Try to position the lock in a position that a sledgehammer cannot be swung at it, away from the ground. Careful positioning is key, and as such you should secure your bike as awkwardly as possible. The trickier it is for you to lock, the harder it is for them to get to.

The faithful angle grinder will demolish anything, so careful positioning is your only option here. Awkward positioning will make the grinder attack a lot more difficult and hopefully create so much noise it alerts you and scares off the thief.

If you have a padlock that doubles as a disc lock, use this to your advantage. You can hook it through the rear brake and join it to the chain. This method ensures that the thief will have to cut the lock to get to your bike. A lock is usually a lot harder to break into and should slow them down enough for you to respond to the alarm that you’re glad you invested in.

As always with us, we want to encourage you to layer your motorbike security products. No matter how secure your bike feels, there’s no harm in adding more. Remember, for every 10k your bike is worth, it is recommended to be adding an additional 1k of security.

If you need some advice on Motorbike security, and how best to keep yours safe – please give us a call on 01384 442646 or fill out a contact form. 

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