We’ve been very busy here at Image4 Security, testing, creating, and manufacturing the most impressive, innovative, and reliable security solutions on the market. Motorbike security is our speciality at Image4, and we’ve created a brand-new bit of kit that offers fantastic protection for all your garage security needs.  Introducing: The Garage Defender.

The Defender comes in two forms: A roller shutter garage door Defender, and an up and over garage door Defender.

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The Garage Defender works by sitting on the outside of your garage door, stopping potential thieves from opening your garage door and getting inside your garage. The Defender is secured to the floor using 3 M8 bolted sleeve anchors which sit inside of your garage. The Defender slides and locks into place using 2 bayonet style fittings on the underside of the base plate. Once it is in place, a bullet lock prevents the defender from being removed, securing your garage, and your motorbike.


  • 10-year guarantee
  • UK design and manufacture
  • Grinder resistant
  • Sits outside the door stopping it from being forcefully opened
  • Installation available
  • Bullet lock mechanism which can be used in conjunction with our Guardsman garage barrier to give a 1 key system
  • Available in black or white powder coat


  • The Up & Over Defender creates a physical barrier in front of the garage door and prevents the door from being forcefully opened.

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  • A door mounted bracket traps between the floor plate and the Roller Shutter Defender to prevent the door from being lifted and opened.

Up and over door

We’ve thought of everything with this one and really reinforced its strength. The lock and housing are fully protected due to the shape and size of the outer shell, making it grinder resistant. The rear cowl is fully welded and sits flat up against the garage door, preventing it from being opened. The top plate covers the bullet lock preventing attack by a drill on the bullet lock and acts as a large handle to move the defender easily into position. The Defender can be locked and unlocked in a matter of seconds.

Additionally, The Garage Defender is fully powder coated and the floor base plate is made from stainless steel to help withstand the elements. The Defender has been designed in the UK and is also manufactured here, by us, and comes with an impressive 10-year guarantee.

The Defender truly is the first of its kind; an innovative garage door security solution that functions as an exterior garage security lock to prevent break ins and secures your garage, motorbike, and other valuables from the outside.

As always, we do say to layer your security products, because the best security is a lot of it. Layering your security is the best way to secure your motorbike and offer you the best protection against several forms of attack.

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