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We recently hosted the MCN crew down at our head quarters in the West Midlands and we did what we do best: try to break our own stuff.

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We had a crack on our famous Apex Pro Ground anchor, wielding a bike thief’s favourite – the angle grinder. Our good mates at MCN weren’t familiar with how to use a grinder so we had a go on a few bits of scrap metal lying around and awarded them their badge of honour in angle grinding.

The first crack was on our Apex Pro (rated diamond in Sold Secure rating). After about 5 minutes, a slit had been made around the top of the anchor’s top plate. MCN looked pretty pleased with their efforts, but alas the Apex Pro had seen it all before and held its ground.

After another five minutes of cutting parallel to the first cut, no effect was seen on the integrity of our Apex Pro. A third cut was attempted, perpendicular to the first two, which also had no effect on the structure of the Apex Pro. Swiftly followed by some blows of a hammer which did deform the Apex Pro. But it was still holding on tightly to the bike.

“I think its safe to say that the Apex Pro is impervious to attacks in a real-world setting.”

The Apex Pro

MCN had a quick go on grinding through some security chains, and we say quick because it took all of around two minutes, and the harsh reality of how easy it is to steal a bike began to set in.

After this realisation hit, an epiphany followed, and it echoed the Image4 mantra: the best motorbike security is a lot of it. MCN published themselves “I want to make the task of stealing my motorbike as difficult as humanly possible.”

“Why give them an easy ride? Force them to use a noisy angle grinder”.

We couldn’t agree more, and as always, we want to stress that the best motorbike security is a bloody lot of it. Layering your security products gives you the best protection against a variety of attacks. They may be able to easily break through the first layer but having a second layer may throw them off their game causing them to flee or use noisy tools that will make them easily noticed.


Yes – an angle grinder is powerful and can smash through a security chain. So, make sure you have a few layers of security to make their break in as difficult and as noisy as possible. Check out our blog on ‘how to use a motorbike chain and lock’ here.

“If we give up just because angle grinders exist, we may as well just start leaving the keys in the ignition.”

The full MCN article is available here,

Watch the MCN Bike security video special here: Angle grinder Vs Security chains and a ground anchor


If you’re looking to beef up your motorbike security, at home or out and about, we’ve got something to help. Browse our products here.

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