Motorbike security checklist

With Spring finally here and the weather warming up, it’s time to dust off those bikes and take them out for a much-needed ride. Below we offer a motorbike security checklist to help protect you and your bike.

There’s nothing better than enjoying a leisurely ride in the mediocre English sun, making stops at scenic spots, and having that spring air blast you in the face when you take your helmet off. Whether you’re out on the go, or at home, it’s important to remember one word: security.

Here at Image4Security, we live by the mantra that the best security is lots of it. So, it’s essential to ensure that you’ve got the right products to protect your pride and joy from prying eyes and hands.

And with security, comes safety. Before hitting the open road, it’s sensible to check a few of the following if your bike has been sitting idle for a while:

  • Check tires
    • Check air pressure and tyre wear.
  • Fuel system
    • Check for leaks, tidy the carburettor and drain the tank.
  • Brakes
    • Check brake pads, rims, and rotor for damage.
  • Battery
    • Charge and check the battery.
  • Suspension
    • Check the fork legs and ensure there’s no dripping fluid.
  • Security
    • Ensure you have a sensible security solution for out on the road and at home

It’s important to check the safety of your bike to ensure your own personal security. When that’s done, you’re good to go, as long as you have a sturdy security solution for your bike with you.

Motorbike security on the go

If you plan to leave your bike unattended at any point whilst on the go, it’s crucial to protect your bike. When you’re paying a lot of money for a bike, you should also consider solid security solutions for staying at home or travelling. We’ve said it before, motorbike security is an investment.

While a security chain and a form of lock is the bare minimum, if a thief is determined enough, they’re going to get what they want. The job of motorbike security products is to test their determination and make it as hard as possible to get their hands on your bike.

Having multiple layers of security will ensure that your pride and joy stays secure and safe from thieves. Motorbike security is about making the thief’s job as hard as possible. It is never going to be impossible to steal your bike, but if they’re determined enough to try, make it as difficult as you can.

Ground anchor

The most effective method for keeping your bike secure is to use a ground anchor. Ideal for garage security, ground anchors are bolted to the ground. The Kovix KGA is a self-locking ground anchor which takes away the need for a padlock as you have your chain, lock and anchor all secured in one product.

Apex Pro

While this product is not suitable while out and about, the concept of using a ground anchor is still a good idea. When you’re out, always secure your motorbike to an immovable object.

Alarmed locks

Lightweight motorbike security grip locks, such as our Zovii ZHL alarmed grip lock features an anti-theft security alarm and weatherproof casing that’s ideal for travel security.

Another perfect solution to on the go motorbike security is the Zovii ZD10 alarmed disc lock. This lock is fitted with a 120dB anti-theft security alarm and a carbide reinforced steel locking pin, complete with a double locking mechanism designed to protect your bike from cutting and sawing attempts.

Security chains

At Image4Security, we also offer a range of security chains, such as our self-locking Zovii ZCL10-120 security chain. This unique chain is the UK’s first security chain to feature a 120dB anti-theft alarm, ensuring a strong and durable chain that is also fitted with an anti-tamper deterrent.

This chain is ideal, and its lightweight features make it an essential bike lock when on the go.

ZOVII ZCL10-120 Alarmed Chain And Lock

Garage security

When it’s time to put the bike away after a long ride, it’s absolutely essential to make sure it’s just as secure at home as it is out on the road. If anything, it should be more secure.

Approaching garage security is exactly how you would approach security when on the move, but with a few more advantages. To maximise your security, it is recommended to layer your products. Multiple lines of defence are always better than one.

Luckily, if you store your bike in a garage, you already have the advantage of having it hidden out of sight, behind 4 walls. Unfortunately, this is not always enough. Whether you install a garage door bar, such as our Guardsman, an alarm system or CCTV cameras, the more defence you have to protect your bike the better.

As mentioned, ground anchors are perfect solutions when at home to secure your bike. Ground anchors are visually impressive and work by securing your bike to an immovable object. Our Apex Pro ground anchor is virtually attack proof and has repeatedly beaten grinders in our extensive testing. You can read all about when TeaPot One had a crack at it here. Ground anchors are the perfect addition to your garage security.

Security barrier

At Image4Security, we stock the unique Guardsman garage door bar. This imposing security barrier acts both as a physical and visual deterrent. The Guardsman utilises minimal floor space and is designed to be low enough that a bike cannot fit under or over the garage door bar.

Because our Guardsman security barrier is so impressive, BeMoto insurance also offers a discount on your premiums if you have a Guardsman installed, making it an essential with added perks.

The Guardsman Garage Security Barrier Bar with Motorbike behind

Garage Defender

Similar to a ground anchor, our unique garage defender sits on the outside of your garage door stopping any potential thieves from peeling back and opening your ‘up and over’ garage door.

Securely bolted to the floor, our garage Defender comes with a 10-year guarantee and sits flat against the exterior of the door.

Once in place, our bullet lock prevents the garage Defender from being removed, locking it into position. The lock and housing unit is fully protected internally by the Defender, making it grinder resistant.

Garage Defender - Roller Shutter Door assembled

We also have a Defender designed for roller shutter doors, offering maximum protection for all kinds of garage .

Other security measures

While anything from an alarm system, ground anchor, security barrier or even the garage defender offers unique security solutions for your garage, and a possible deterrent to thieves, they won’t offer complete protection.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as complete protection from thieves, but to protect your bike to the fullest, it’s wise to also take other preventative methods to help:

  • Ensure all locks work, are secure and used
  • Install motion-sensor lights
  • Add a CCTV security camera
  • Cover windows with blinds or curtains
  • Keep doors in good condition

Shed security

Similar to garage security, shed security is paramount if it’s the location of where you’ll be storing your bike.

However, a shed tends to be less secure because of the flimsier structure and weaker doors. That’s where we come in.

Bike security is paramount to us here at Image4 and our shed security bar acts as the ultimate deterrent. Designed for sheds, this bar locks with the ZOVII smart alarmed padlock which triggers a 120dB anti-theft alarm if tampered with.


At Image4Security, our mantra is that the best security is a lot of it. We believe in layering security products and having several lines of defence in the event of an attack.

A general rule of thumb is that for every 10k your bike is worth, you should be spending 1k on security products to keep it safe.

When it comes to protecting your bike, every biker should have the bare minimum of security, both on the go and when at home. By utilising the likes of a ground anchor, security bar, alarm system or other deterrents, you’ll be able to keep your bike protected and secured.

Browse our extensive products range here for your next motorbike security must have.

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