Our Cycling Security Products

At Image4 we specialise in motorbike security. We create, manufacture, and test all our products in house against rigorous testing methods, typical criminal attacks, using plenty of impressive tools. Our aim has always been to provide the highest quality of security products to secure and protect your motorcycle.

That said, our products are not just built solely for motorbike use and we’ve found that they work brilliantly for other pursuits. Ultimately, we want all people to have top quality vehicle protection and security. So, let us introduce to you some of our products suitable for cycling security.

Shed barrier

Our Guardsman shed and garage security barriers cannot be recommended enough. The Guardsman is an obstruction barrier that is fitted across the door of your garage or shed and prohibits a thief from wheeling out any large goods. Additionally, if your bike is heavy enough it’ll also stop them from being able to carry the bike over the barrier.

Guardsman shed security barrier bar

The Guardsman has loads of five-star reviews and has been tested time and time again by us. It’s a strong bit of kit designed to withstand attack and provide protection for your goods. It also has an anchor point to secure your bike to for additional security.

The Guardsman shed barrier is locked into position using our ZOVII alarmed padlock which when tampered, gives off a massive 120dB shriek. If this doesn’t scare the criminals off and wake up half your street then nothing will.

Additionally, we have our Guardsman alarm system. This innovative alarm system uses a battery-powered hub and vibration sensor to detect movement. If the sensor detects a vibration, it will silently trigger the hub and activate a siren. The system will then alert up to three key holders via a pre-recorded message, and/or SMS. A brilliant bit of kit.



An alarm and lock should be the bare minimum of any security you have for your bike. We have several alarmed products on offer, including alarmed padlocks, d-locks and chain locks.

Alarmed products are versatile and combine various locking techniques. They’re fantastic for use at home or while travelling and they’re an essential first layer of protection for your bike. They’re also very easy to use; you simply lock up your bike and if it’s tampered with it’ll trigger an anti-theft alarm. While the alarm isn’t going to stop a thief, it will alert you and anyone else nearby, and hopefully deter the criminal, making them a valuable piece of security for your bike.

Alarmed products are great for on the go too and they aren’t particularly heavy. The most used alarm product is an alarmed chain and padlock. These can be used to secure your bike to an immovable object, ground anchor or bike post.


Ground anchor & Anchor points

Ground anchors are an innovative bit of security equipment that are mainly used at home, in garages and secure buildings. A ground anchor, like our Apex Pro, works by providing an immovable object to secure your vehicle to. Our Apex Pro (Diamond Sold Secure rated) is as strong as they come and virtually attack proof. You can read more about that in our blog, here.

Anchor points work similarly, but they do not sink into the ground, and are attached to our Guardsman barrier post. Our Guardsman anchor point, as well as our Apex Pro, is approved by BeMoto insurance and comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Apex Pro Ground Anchor

Lock and chain

Locks and chains are the bare minimum of security and provide you with a secure way to lock up and secure your bike. Chains and locks should always be used to secure your bike to an immovable object and should also be used in tandem with other bike security products to maximise your security.

The thicker the chain, the better your protection. It’s no secret a chain can be broken with a grinder, but the thicker your chain, the longer it is going to take for it to be cut. And the longer the grinder is going, the more likely it is to be heard, either by you or someone nearby.  We stock chains of varying sizes: 13, 16, and 20mm.

It is also worth noting that any chain with a link diameter in excess of 14mm is unbolt crop-able by hand, as the jaws of the bolt croppers do not extend wide enough to accept the chain link. Please bear this in mind when deciding on your chain size.

ZOVII ZCL10-120 Alarmed Chain And Lock

For a full list of our cycling products, you can browse here.

As always, layer your security. Multiples lines of defence is far better than just one measly chain. You’re never going to be able to stop a thief, but you want to make their job as hard as possible and ensure they have to use the noisiest tools to break through your defences.

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