The Ins and Outs of Sold Secure Testing in Motorbike Security

When you buy any motorbike security, you’re advised to check for the Sold Secure rated products, but very few know what the Sold Secure ratings actually mean.

For those who don’t know, Sold Secure is considered the best of the best British testing and certification body for all security products. They work alongside the police, Home Office, and insurers to set the industry standards for security product testing.

Around 50,000 motorcycles are stolen in this country every year, which is why it is crucial to invest in quality motorbike security: motorbike lock, smart padlock, grip lock, disc lock, the lot. In our opinion, the best method of defence is a lot of it.

Products are rigorously tested against these standards and graded based on their resistance to the attack. Their testing methods will utilise all the fan favourite tools and techniques used by thieves, and only the products that resist the attack best have the pleasure of adorning the Sold Secure approved quality mark.

Having that Sold Secure approvement is also beneficial for insurance purposes. Many insurers recognise the benefit of Sold Secure and will request you use a Sold Secure approved product as part of their terms and conditions. So, the next time you’re shopping for a motorbike lock, ground anchor or security chain, double check for that mark.

Apex Pro Ground Anchor

Sold Secure Ratings

Sold Secure Rating

Attack Methods Used

Bicycle Bronze1 minute attack time; basic tools that can be easily concealed about the person, i.e., screwdriver, small hammer, junior hacksaw, etc.
Bicycle Silver3-minute attack; enhanced tool list including small bolt croppers, full size hacksaw, stillsons, crowbar, etc.
Bicycle Gold / Motor Scooter Silver5-minute attack with a higher tool list, including: TCT hacksaw, larger croppers, larger crowbars, lump hammer, etc.
Bicycle Diamond / Motorcycle & Motor Scooter Gold5-minute attack with a much higher list including bolt croppers, machine-based crop test to ensure at least 7 tonnes of force is achieved, drill with HSS bits, etc. Does not include an attack with an angle grinder.
Motorcycle Diamond5-minute attack, tool list includes TCT drill bits and a 90 second angle grinder.
Ground Anchors DiamondAs motorcycle Diamond but with 1.5m builder’s bar and 5 minute angle grinder attack.

The Sold Secure methods can be a little confusing. For example, the ‘silver’, ‘gold’, and ‘diamond’ ratings don’t all mean the same thing. There’s no arguing that Sold Secure rigorously tests their products, but it can be a bit confusing navigating what this means for your motorbike security.

Testing Our Apex Pro Ground Anchor

We decided to push their methods one step further and test our  Apex Pro ground anchor. Sold Secure rated this product at Diamond, the highest rating Sold Secure offer. No other surface mounted ground anchor has managed to achieve this rating before, and we’re very proud to be the first.

We know our product is impressive, but we wanted to see how well it performs past the Sold Secure rating. For reference Sold Secure use a 5-minute attack method of ‘high performance cutting tools’ which are battery powered including a battery powered angle grinder.

Image4 Security conducted our own in-house testing, we used mains powered grinders and attacked our Apex Pro ground anchor for 15 minutes without breaking it! We destroyed 3 grinding discs in the process and gave up after 15 minutes. That’s 3X longer than Sold Secure tests! Now, we were impressed to say the least. Our Apex Pro completely blew the Sold Secure test out of the water. Three times over to be exact.

Our Apex Pro ground anchor is so impressive that BeMoto Insurance also recognise this and offer a discount on your insurance renewal for having one installed. Couple this with our  20mm Guardsman short link security chain and ZOVII smart padlock and you’ve got a formidable defence.

With this in mind, we wanted to point out that although Sold Secure is of course a trusted and reliable test house, perhaps the tests need to beef up slightly to represent the strength of the product, and the means of testing needs to be slightly more transparent, so bikers looking for top notch security know exactly what they’re buying and what it will withstand.

We hope this article helps shed a little light in our fight against bike crime.

If you’re debating your next security purchase and you’re looking for the premium of motorbike security, look no further than Image4 Security.  We’ve already discussed our impressive Apex Pro ground anchor, but we have a selection of other impressive security solutions made by bikers for bikers.

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