The Ultimate Motorcycle Security Guide

With the fading light of winter closing in, the opportunities for scumbag thieves to try and break in to steal your pride and joy become greater, and you want to try and make their chances as near impossible as you can.

Here at Image4security we have a motto that the best security is a lot of it, and police guidelines suggest that if you’ve got a £10K bike, you should be spending approx £1k on its security. We believe that several layers of defence make it as hard as possible for criminals to succeed. We have a huge range of impressive motorbike security products with options to suit all kinds of situations, whether you’re at home securing your bike, or on the go.

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Security on the go


Motorbike disc lock

We have a range of disk locks that are small, lightweight, easy to apply and remove, and weatherproof. At 120dB the Zovii Alarmed Disc Lock can be heard over 500m away if tampered with and has a carbide-reinforced steel locking pin to make it harder to cut through.

Grip lock

The ZHL Grip Lock is also small and transportable with weatherproof casing and a security alarm. If a thief tries to mess with the lock, it will trigger an ear-piercing alarm giving you time to intervene or it will just scare off the would-be thief.

Alarmed Padlocks

These are usually used with a security chain to secure your bike to something immovable, such as a ground anchor or a solid fixture like railings or a lamp post. Our padlocks fit any chain up to 20mm in diameter and also have a 120dB alarm which is triggered when messed with, a great deterrent on the go.


According to an investigation by the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) motorcycles are the most likely vehicle to get nicked in the UK, and any kind of lock can reduce your chances of getting your bike stolen by three times, because up to seven out of ten bikes aren’t locked at all! Our Zovii ZNU14 alarmed D-lock is a great investment as it’s super strong and has our ear-shatteringly loud alarm should anyone try and saw through it.

Security chains

Security chains are a fab investment as they can be used on the go and at home where they work perfectly with a ground anchor, or a security barrier fitted to your garage or shed. Our security chains are available in a selection of lengths and diameters, we also have an alarmed chain with a lock inbuilt.

security chain


Security at home

Most bikes get nicked from home, so some hefty security here is a wise investment. When you put your bike away you want the peace of mind that it’s as protected as possible.

At Image4security we have a range of security solutions to make sure your bike stays safe while you sleep, are out at work or even on holiday. Apex Pro ground anchors and Guardsman barriers have even been approved for discounted insurance on your bike from BeMoto.

Ground Anchors

The first rule in security is always to lock to something immovable, and unless you have a lamp post outside, you’ll need to install something. If the bike isn’t anchored to something solid, thieves can simply pick it up and load it into a van for a swift exit, and without making any real noise. Here at Image4security we have a range of ground anchors in varying shapes, sizes, and costs. Our most secure being the Apex Pro, which has gone through rigorous testing, attack, and re-design to produce a finished product that is virtually attack-proof.

Apex Pro Ground Anchor

Garage Defenders

A savvy bike owner won’t just want to secure their bike itself, but also make sure that the place it’s kept in is as impregnable as possible too. One of our Garage Defenders can secure the door of your garage, whether the door is an over-the-top or roller shutter. Firmly secured to the floor with a unique bullet lock system that is an ideal defence for grinder attacks, which (if they tried it) would give them plenty of time to react and see them off.


Garage security barrier bars

A perfect way to defend your bike within the garage or even shed is to install one of our Guardsman barriers. Securely bolted to the floor or frame, the arm extends and retracts easily to create a barrier that vehicles can’t fit underneath or be lifted over. And for added protection, they come with anchor points which, with a security chain and alarmed lock, gives you total protection. We can fit a security bar to any size of shed or garage.

motorbike security barrier

Other Tips

  • Cover up! When not inside a shed or garage; use a cover, what they can’t see won’t attract the eye, and when inside, use curtains or blinds at windows.
  • Install light sensors or a security camera especially one with recording facilities so if thieves succeed you have footage to help the police track them down.
  • Get a tracker and marking kit so that your bike is traceable and identifiable if it does get stolen. Our partners at Datatool can help supply this essential equipment.

For the ultimate range of security solutions, check out our extensive range of products, to make sure your pride and joy stays secure this winter. Give us a shout today to chat about what security products will suit your own needs.

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