What We Have Been Up To & Latest Product Reviews – November

Find out what we have been up to recently including some testimonials from recognised industry professionals.

Klarna – Small Business Award

Klarna has started their ‘Small Business Support Package’  which is awarded to small businesses to help them recover from the effects of the pandemic and keep small businesses thriving. We have very humbly been chosen and we are incredibly proud to be one of the small businesses making a storm in the UK.

Alex Marsh, head of UK at Klarna said: “The retail industry has been hit hard by the pandemic and British SMEs have faced the brunt of it. At Klarna, we’ve long worked with businesses of all sizes and have always been focussed on supporting SMEs in particular. It was an honour working together with our partners to judge the inaugural SME Support Package. It was certainly a hard decision but the businesses we have chosen are truly making a difference across the industry, from sustainability to innovation, and we’re excited to be part of their future growth.”

With this additional support we are looking forward to continuing our efforts to grow and re-shape the security market. As well as this, we have access to some fantastic training, and the platform to expand our reach. This award could not have come at a better time, as now we have seen the worst of the pandemic, we can continue to invest in improving our product offering.

Additionally, we’re looking forward to getting out to shows and being able to physically engage with our customers about our products, hearing their feedback and being a part of the Bike community again.

The future is very exciting for us, as we develop new, simple to use security solutions for everyday use.

Bemoto Bike Insurance

Bemoto have been looking for ways to create their ‘dream garage’ and have stumbled across our Guardsman garage barrier. Below is the link to the whole article, but we’ll give you the best bits below. https://www.bemoto.uk/blog/motorcycle-security-guardsman-garage-security-barrier.

“We thought we would check it out for ourselves as we were struggling to find non-ugly bits of kit that are different… The Guardsman looked like a unique solution that is not only super simple to use BUT is also pretty cool looking.”

“It’s flexible and can be upgraded to include chain anchor points which allow an additional layer of security, attaching a chain to secure the wheel to one of the posts… This results in fewer trip hazards so you can fully use your garage floor space.”

“We think the Guardsman is a brilliant bit of kit. It’s manufactured from high quality materials here in the UK and the garage security barrier comes with a solid 10-year guarantee, which makes you feel better about parting with around £799 for the top level set up including anchor points and fitting (or £599 for the basic version if you fit it yourself and already have other ground anchors).”

We are absolutely beaming to be Bemoto approved. We know our Guardsman garage security barrier is top quality and we’re more than pleased they think so too. They’re so confident in our Guardsman that they are offering a discounted insurance renewal if the customer has a Guardsman!

Check them out here.

MCN review

The MCN staff reviewed our Guardsman and had a lot of positives in a recent article, rating it an Exceptional 5 stars for quality and value!

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“It’s effortless, neat, designed to resist attack, and sits internal to your garage door – meaning it’s not a beacon advertising valuable garage content within.”

We are very pleased to be receiving such fantastic reviews, and even more please to know that fellow bikers love our products!

Video Reviews

We are delighted to have recently received some more excellent reviews from the motorbike community – watch the below videos to see their feedback on our Guardsman.

Richy Vida Guardsman Review

  • “From the second it was fitted, instant peace of mind.”
  • “You’ve got peace of mind; nothing compares to that. I wouldn’t be without it.”

Moto Bob Guardsman Review

  • “Really decent quality finish, it looks pretty premium.”
  • “It’s one of those things that just gives you peace of mind.”

Buy our Guardsman garage security barrier  here  – you can pay in instalments with Klarna.

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