When Sherbz Visited Image4

We’ve been working with Sherbet Donkey since October 2021. They’re a marketing agency that specialises in SEO and website design and development. Sherbet Donkey oversees some of the more technical aspects of our business, including an ongoing SEO strategy, website migration and maintenance, as well as working with us to create some brilliantly written blog content.  

We recently did a case study with them and thought it was a good opportunity to reflect on a year of business growth, product development, and marketing success!  

Image4 Security x Sherbet Donkey

How did you end up working with Sherbet Donkey? 

“Sherbet Donkey gave us a ring one day out of the blue and they started talking me through the SEO process and started walking me through my current website and pointing out things that we could be doing better.”  

Since working with Sherbet Donkey, we’ve seen lots of brilliant results. We now have: 

  • 15 keywords in the top 3 positions on Google 
  • We rank for the main keywords associated with our products 
  • 54 page one positions 
  • 137 in the top 20 positions  
  • Doubled the amount of organic traffic since October last year  

 The Goals  

  • Gain more exposure 
  • More eyes on the industry leading products  
  • More traffic to the website  

Before working with the Sherbet team, we had a lot of goals, but mainly we wanted to gain more exposure and actually start seeing people organically search for some of the innovative products we have on offer.  

Having an agency like Sherbet Donkey handle all the marketing side of things has really given us valuable time to continue working on products and identifying gaps in the market where a company like Image4Security can really make a difference to people’s motorbike security and hopefully help to deter some of the crime linked to motorbike theft.  

Aside from SEO results, we’ve also seen interest in our products rise. The Guardsman in particular has been a huge favourite amongst garage owners and has quickly become our most sold product! 

Since its launch, we’ve also produced the double Guardsman security barrier and have been expanding our product range to include security for your other vehicles, including cars and bikes 


What has Sherbet Donkey done for Image4Security? 

“All of the clever stuff that I don’t know very much about and the back end of the website.” 

The Website 

Our old website wasn’t particularly user-friendly, the Sherbet team identified areas where we were missing conversion and other areas that could be made a lot simpler so that any website visitors had an easy and positive experience using our site.  

Once the site was migrated over to WordPress, everything became a lot more user-friendly, and we’ve seen great results because of the migration.  


The Sherbet Donkey SEO team has worked on and implemented an ongoing SEO strategy since we started with them nearly a year ago. When it comes to SEO, they say it takes 6-12 months to really start seeing measurable results and we’ve definitely seen positive results from the Sherbet team.  

“The work that they are doing is being seen in the traffic that we get to the website and the increase in sales that we have seen in the last few months.” 

The SEO team also has dedicated content writers who work with us to create all of the fantastic blog content you read. The content team helped us to create a more profound voice for Image4Security, which is carried throughout our blog content and hopefully makes reading the blogs that little bit more personal.  

We now appear for relevant search terms related to our products and we rank on the first page of Google for at least 54 relevant keywords, and all this means is that we are seen for what we do, what we provide, and what we manufacture.  

“We’ve gained so much knowledge and value from them in the short time we’ve been working with them… it’s been invaluable to have them on board as an agency for us.”  


What’s next? 

When some of the Sherbet team came to visit us and learn more about our manufacturing and have a look around the workshop, we walked through some of the processes and gave them a little sneak preview into some of the new stuff coming to the Image4Security website in the future.  As well as having an introduction with our office mascot, Whiskey. 

Whiskey image4security

We can’t give too much away, but for those with a pedal bike, we’ve got some brilliant Image4 masterpieces currently in their beginning stages. We are of course going to keep designing and manufacturing motorbike security products, but we are also keen to push ourselves and venture into creating more security products for other pursuits that can help you to remain secure wherever you are.  

“Their expertise has been really, really crucial in the success of the business, and our growth.” 

We plan to keep growing, to keep learning more and to keep providing fantastic security for at home and on-the-go security. If you’ve yet to see us out and about, we’re always at events, our next one being Motorcycle Live at the NEC (November 19th-27th). If you are there, do come say hello! We’d love to meet you all. 

But if you’re not there, don’t worry, you’ll see us at loads of bike festivals when the season returns. Cheers for being a part of the Image4Security gang and we can’t wait to bring on another year of business growth, brilliant products, and festivals! 

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