Why The Apex Pro Is The Ultimate Motorbike Security Ground Anchor

Motorbike security  products are absolutely essential when you have a motorbike. No matter if you’re in the house or out and about,  motorbike security is pivotal to keeping your pride and joy safe. It is widely recommended that for every 10k your bike is worth, you should be spending an additional 1k on motorbike security products to keep it safe.

When you’re spending all that money, it’s important to know that what you’re investing in is going to work. Around 50,000 motorbikes are stolen each year, with a large majority occurring at the home. This is why security is essential, wherever you are.

At  Image4 Security we advise that all security products are layered to create multiple layers of security and make it more difficult for thieves to break through. We’re talking ground anchors, Guardsman barrier, security chain  and an alarm system.  The lot.

The Apex Pro Security Ground Anchor

We’re proud of all our motorbike security products, but our  Apex Pro security ground anchor is really remarkable. It is the only surface mounted ground anchor to be rated double diamond via Sold Secure. Yes, you read that right, the only double Sold Secure diamond ground anchor (ground anchor and motorcycle diamond rating). And it has been designed and manufactured by hand, here in the UK.

If you’re unfamiliar with Sold Secure, they’re a test house that test all the best motorbike security products and rank them against their criteria. The products are rigorously tested against attack methods such as grinders and all the other typical tools used. Only the best of the best that can hold its own against the attack methods receive a Sold Secure badge. Which is why we’re so pleased to be the only motorbike ground anchor to have double diamond rating.

Aside from that, the Apex Pro also boasts these key features:

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Black powder coated finish
  • Fully hardened steel, heavy duty
  • Supplied with complete industrial fixings
  • Easy to install
  • Fits chains up to 20mm in diameter.

The Apex Pro Ground Anchor  was developed over months of constant destruction, testing and re-design. The result is the strongest and most resilient ground anchor that doesn’t require you to go to the great expense, or incredible effort of digging a crater in your garage floor.

The ground anchor  is used to essentially tether your bike to a heavy, fixed object. Simply link a  security chain through and attach it to your bike and its going to be almost impossible for anyone to wheel your bike away. As mentioned above we do recommend layering security products, and therefore, we think our  Apex Pro reaches its maximum potential when used in conjunction with other top quality motorbike security products, such as our Guardsman security chain.

The Apex Pro is truly an impressive bit of kit and we’re proud to be a part of British design in the UK’s motorbike security market. It has full internal welding across all faces and is designed to resist all attacks. Additionally, the Apex Pro is grinder resistant for over 10 minutes and has loads of fantastic reviews by us and those who have bought it.

So, now you know all you need to know. I’m sure you can agree that the Apex Pro Ground Anchor is not only impressive visually, but also because of its innovative features and track record. The Apex Pro truly is the best motorbike security ground anchor on the market. Paired with a security chain and perhaps a smart lock and motorbike cover for on the go. Or pair it with a Guardsman garage or shed security barrier, alarm system and security chain. Either way, you’re buying the best.

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