Will motorbike security save you money on your insurance?

When it comes to motorbike security, there are plenty of options available to you. And adding layers of security measures to your home and motorbike can often help to offset the cost of your insurance premiums too.

As we say at Image4Security, the best type of security is lots of it. No one measure will deter a thief if they’re determined enough. In fact, if you use only one security measure – even a disc lock – reports have shown that the chances of your bike being stolen is still 1 in 368.

This is why layering security is so important; it can buy you time and if it takes too long, a thief will even give up. A bike is a big investment, so it makes sense to invest in enough security measures too. Insurance companies know this.

By taking steps to protect your home and motorbike, you can often also save money on your insurance premiums. Image4 are here to tell you how you can save money in this helpful blog.


How to save money on your insurance

Securing your motorbike is ultimately down to you, the owner. Typically, once you’ve declared to your provider that you’ve added a high-quality theft deterrent, like a garage Defender or our unique Guardsman garage barrier, then you can often receive a lower insurance rate. For a full run through of your motorbike security essentials, you can read our blog here.

BeMoto are our preferred insurance provider, and they also offer a cheeky discount if you have our Guardsman fitted to your garage.

This is because insurers typically offer discounts for policyholders who have taken steps to protect their property. Ultimately, it’s up to your insurance provider, so it’s best to talk to them about any discounts they may offer.

But it’s one thing knowing that you can save money on your insurance by having a security measure installed, but what products will actually lower your insurance AND actually protect your bike?


How best to protect your bike

Securing your bike is all about the types of products that you look to invest in. As most riders store their pride and joy in a garage, ensuring that your garage door is secure is the first line of defence.

Garage door security is one way to add an extra layer of protection for your motorbike, stopping a burglar from even getting to your bike.


Garage defender

If you do store your bike in a garage, make sure that the door is equipped with one of our top-of-the-line Garage Defenders.

Available in two variations – either for an ‘up and over’ or ‘roller shutter’ door – the Garage defender is an industry leading design that’s grinder resistant, and insurance approved.

The Garage Defender sits on the outside of your garage door, acting as an unstoppable anchor that prevents any potential thieves from peeling back and opening your garage door.

Tried and tested, the Garage Defender comes fully powder coated both internally and externally and comes complete with a 10-year guarantee. Installing a garage Defender will help to lower your insurance premiums, offering you the best first line of defence for garage door security.

IMG 8198 removebg preview


The Guardsman

The next layer to your motorbike security that will help to lower your insurance further and offer even greater protection for your bike, is the Guardsman.

The Guardsman is an entirely unique garage barrier and anchor system that provides the ultimate deterrent to thieves. This door bar runs across the length of your garage about knee-high, designed to withstand every form of attack.

The security barrier also acts as a visual deterrent, housing an arm that locks into position on the posts placed on either side. It takes up minimal floor space, is unobtrusive and you can even have your motorbike secured to the Guardsman itself for extra measures.

If a thief manages to breach the outer security measures of your garage door, then the Guardsman will prevent your bike – or any other valuables – from being taken. A thief will not be able to slide your bike under or lift it over this impressive piece of kit.

The guardsman security barrier also comes in a smaller version, designed specifically as a garden shed lock bar.

How to Secure your Garage With The Guardsman | Garage Security Barrier Bar Protecting Motorbike


Disc locks

At Image, we offer a handful of unique disc locks for you to sink your teeth into for on-the-go motorbike security. A disc lock is a great way to protect your bike when it’s parked. This type of lock attaches to the disc brake of your bike, making it difficult for a thief to make off with your bike.

Our ZD10 Disc Lock comes equipped with an anti-theft security alarm and is reinforced with a steel locking pin for added security. The alarm can be heard from over 500 meters away and possesses an anti-tamper measure too.

While this 120dB alarmed disc lock may seem small, it can provide necessary motorbike security whilst out and about. Speak to your insurance provider to find out if this lock can lower your insurance rates.

ZOVII ZD10 alarmed disc lock


Protect your bike!

As thieves become more desperate looking for a quick reward, it’s important to not let them see you as an easy target. Adding the correct motorbike security to protect your bike will act as a deterrent to criminals as it won’t be worth their time or effort.

There is no one solution that will protect your bike, that’s why we recommend layering your security. By taking measures to protect your home and motorbike you can, more importantly, often save money on your insurance premiums.

Image4Security offer the best motorbike security products available on the market, all manufactured here in the UK. With our aim of reshaping the security market through innovative and quality products for what consumers actually need, Image has become one of the leading vehicle security experts in the country.

Be sure to talk to your insurance agent about the discounts that may be available to you. If you require any further information on how to save on insurance, or you want some more info on our products, please get in touch.


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