Cycling Alarm Locks

Image4security is a leading provider of security alarm systems, including alarmed padlocks and other cycling alarm locks. Our products are designed in house by our team, as well as manufactured and tested by us to ensure we are always producing the highest quality products from start to finish.

We stock a variety of cycling alarm locks, including alarmed padlocks, D locks, and chain and locks. Your cycling lock should always work in conjunction with a cycling security chain to provide better protection. Secure your bike with a security chain and then lock it together with your chosen cycling alarm lock.

Our cycling alarm locks are fitted with an anti-theft shriek that alerts you and anyone nearby that your bike and the lock have been tampered with. Our alarmed locks should be part of the bare minimum of security you use on your bike and should always be used alongside other security products for layered security that better protects you and your bike.

Image4security’s alarmed cycling locks are designed to keep you and your belongings safe, whether you’re at home or on the go. We offer a wide range of options to suit your needs, and our team is always available to answer any questions you may have.


An alarmed lock looks and feels like an ordinary lock, but has an anti-tamper 120dB alarm built into the locking body. When the lock is disturbed or tampered with by a would-be thief then it sets off the alarm which is loud enough to be heard up to half a kilometre away – certain to scare them off and protect your bicycle.

With almost 78,000 bicycles stolen this year in the UK, it’s obvious that bike theft is on the rise. A simple padlock is no challenge to a thief – can be cut off in seconds with bolt cutters, so an alarmed lock is the best deterrent for protecting your bike from becoming a statistic next year!

Within our Zovii range we have the alarmed chain and lock which integrates the alarmed lock within the carbide reinforced steel 1200mm chain. Also available is the alarmed D-Lock, which is also made from reinforced steel, and the bar is bolt cropper resistant. The grip and disc lock complete the alarmed lock range – all fitted with an ear-splitting 120dB alarm. Our alarmed bike locks are made from rust-proof materials with all the alarm electronics being fully waterproofed (IP67).

The main benefit of having an alarmed lock for your bicycle is the added security. The best way to protect your bike is in layers of security, and an alarmed lock provides both physical and audible barriers. The lock is a physical barrier to be removed, but the 120dB shriek is enough to deter almost every thief as it is such an ear-piercing, attention seeking deterrent.

The type of lock you need will depend on the size of bike and what you are able to lock it up to. The police recommend two different types of lock to give a thief too much challenge to get through, putting them off trying. To lock your bike to a ground anchor or guardsman rail, a chain is ideal to pass through the wheels, frame, and the immoveable object.

However, if you’re out and about an alarmed D-Lock combined with a padlock and chain will provide adequate security to chain to a lamppost or bike stand. If you’re unsure what would be best get in touch for some friendly advice.

All of our alarmed bike locks are made from rust-proof materials and all of the alarm electronics are fully waterproofed (IP67). You can safely use our alarmed bike locks in any and every weather and situation giving you peace of mind that your bike is as protected as you can make it.

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