Cycling Security Chain

Looking for a high-quality, reliable security chain for your bicycle? We’ve designed and manufactured incredible security for your bike, to stay protected from thieves on the go and at home.

Our bicycle security chains are made from tough, hardened steel. Our Guardsman chain is designed to withstand even the most determined thieves with 80% carbon steel alloy chain links and grinder attack resistant. It’s also weatherproof, so you can rest assured that your bike will be well-protected come rain or shine, indoors or outdoors, at home, or on the move. Best of all, our bicycle chains are easy to use, so you can get on with your ride without having to worry about fiddling with complicated locks. Simply loop the chain around your frame and secure it with your chosen padlock – it’s really that simple.


We recommend using our cycling security chains as a bare minimum of your security. Layering multiple products helps give you a stronger line of defence and security against even the most determined thieves.

Give yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing your bike is safe and secure with the Image4security cycling security chain.


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