Cycling Ground Anchors

If you’re looking for the best protection for your bike, look no further than Image4security’s range of bike ground anchors. These anchors work by securing your bike to an immovable object, making it much harder for thieves to steal it.

Our cycling ground anchors are industry-leading, innovative bits of kit that are great for at-home use. By securing your bike to a ground anchor, you’ll never have to worry about your bike being picked up and taken or wheeled off. Our Ground anchors have been tested and manufactured in house by our team. They’re British designed and British manufactured.

We know the typical forms of attack used to steal a bike, so we’ve threw everything we’ve got at our ground anchors to ensure we can provide rigorous testing, proven safety, and a lifetime warranty.

Cycling bikes are much lighter than motorcycles, which can leave you at a disadvantage, as you’re more at risk of having your bike easily lifted and taken.

Securing your bike to an immovable fixture like our ground anchors ensures your bike remains fixed in one place, all the time. Layer multiple security products for further protection.


A bicycle ground anchor is a metal unit that is permanently fixed into the floor or wall, typically in a garage or shed, which creates an immovable object which allows you to pass a chain through it and around your bicycle – preventing thieves from stealing it.

A bicycle ground anchor is a metallic unit which is secured in place to the floor or wall of a shed or garage using tamper-proof bolts, creating a permanently fixed object to chain your bicycle to for maximum security.

A truly determined thief will get through anything if they are undisturbed, but a good quality ground anchor will take quite a bit of time with an angle grinder to cut through giving enough time to alert someone to the theft. If the bike also has an alarmed lock used to attach it to the ground anchor, this will make enough noise to scare the most determined of thieves away.

Pass a chain or D-Lock through the ground anchor, the wheels of the bike and around the frame. Double locking is recommended for added protection and giving a would-be thief more to have to cut through and hopefully forcing them to give up!




You will need an SDS (Slotted Drive Shaft) drill and bits for drilling through the concrete or brick to secure the bolts. They are generally fixed in a couple of different ways using an Allen key and a CSK (countersunk screw) bolt with a ball bearing forced into the bolt head or resin fixings.

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