Disc Locks

A disc lock is a small but strong lock that attaches to your motorbikes disc brake rotor. They are relatively lightweight, compact, and quick to apply and remove.

We offer an alarmed and unalarmed disc lock. The alarmed disc lock features an anti-theft security alarm – which can be heard over 500m away if tampered with. It has a carbide-reinforced steel locking pin with a double locking mechanism, providing higher resistant to cutting, sawing and corrosion and is housed in a weatherproof alloy casing. Click a product below to view more detail.


According to insurance companies, using a disc lock can make your motorbike three times less likely to be stolen. Using a disc lock with a built-in alarm such as our ZOVII ZD10 alarmed disc lock adds that additional layer of security and can put thieves off attempting to steal your bike at the same time as alerting you to the disturbance.

A disc lock is a physical lock that sits on the motorbike brake disc and stops the motorbike wheels from turning and therefore stops your motorbike from being wheeled away. If the disc lock is alarmed, such as our ZOVII ZD10 alarmed disc lock, any disturbance to the lock will trigger the 120dB alarm to be triggered. This can put off the thief and alert you to the disturbance.

The ZOVII ZD10 alarmed disc lock works by using a vibration sensor and 120dB alarm which are triggered when the disc lock is disturbed. This can put the thief off stealing your bike and alert you to the situation.

A disc lock is positioned on a motorbike brake disc and is locked in position using the push locking pin which sits through one of the holes in the brake disc. Once locked into position, the disc lock prevents the wheel of the motorbike from being turned and thus stops your bike from being wheeled away and stolen.

Like all security devices, with the right tools and knowledge, they can eventually be broken into. However, due to the compactness and design of the disc lock gaining access to the locking pin can be extremely challenging and therefore any disc lock is a great first layer of defence when securing your Motorbike. They are also very useful when out and about as they are compact and lightweight and easy to carry.

The discs of the rear motorbike wheels are generally more awkward to remove; for this reason, the disc lock should be used on the rear wheel. To prevent a potential thief from bypassing the disc lock by loosening the brake disc, it is highly recommended that a disc lock is used on each brake disc of your motorbike.

The battery of the ZOVII ZD10 alarmed disc lock lasts between 6-9 months depending on use. The battery used is a lithium CR2 battery available from most supermarkets

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