Garage Defender

Image4 Security specialise in innovative, reliable security solutions – so we invented an innovative exterior garage door lock to prevent break ins and make your garage highly secure.

The Defender has two options to fit either a roller shutter or an up-and-over opening.

The Roller shutter version is the first of its kind, working by sitting on the outside of your garage door, stopping potential thieves from opening your garage door and getting inside. The door-mounted bracket traps between the floor plate and the Roller Shutter Defender to prevent the door from being lifted and opened.

The Garage Defender is fully powder coated both internally and externally as is the ultra-low profile floor base plate to help withstand the elements. The lock and housing are fully protected internal to the outer Defender skin with the distance from outer skin to inner locking pin being a greater distance than the width of the grinder disc. The garage Defender has been designed and is manufactured by us here in the UK, and comes with an impressive 10-year guarantee.


A garage defender is a device that sits on the outside of your garage door and prevents the door from any unauthorised openings. The garage defender achieves this by forming a physical barrier in front of the garage door, stopping it from being attacked and prized open.

The garage defender is simple and easy to install as long as you have the correct tools to hand. This is namely an SDS drill and bits. Please refer to the installation instructions on the product page for a full list of tools needed and the step-by-step guide.

We also offer an installation service across the UK where our own team of experts will come out to your home, at a time and date convenient to you and complete the installation for you. This option can be selected at checkout*.

*Additional installation fee applies.

The main advantage of having a garage defender installed on the outside of your door is that it acts as the first line of defence against thieves, stopping them from entering your garage and attempting to steal your personal possessions. The garage defender prevents the garage door from being forcefully attacked and opened and therefore stops the would-be criminal from gaining entry.

For optimal security, the garage defender should be used in conjunction with other security measures to form a multi-layered security system.

We offer two different types of garage defenders: one for an up and over garage door and one for roller shutter doors. They both operate in very similar ways, the only difference being that the roller shutter version has a door plate that is trapped between the defender and floor plate. Each prevent the garage door from being forcefully attacked and opened.

If you have both a garage defender and Guardsman garage security barrier installed, then we would key the two systems alike so that you can operate both devices using the same single key. This saves you time and hassle and reduces the number of keys you have on your key set.

The garage defender is available in three different powder-coated colours. These are white, black, and grey in order to match your garage door. We also apply zinc undercoat to the powder coat which reduces the weathering impact of the garage defender.

If you’d like a different colour to these please get in touch to discuss.

The garage defender has a zinc undercoat applied to it before a powder-coated top layer is applied. The zinc undercoat helps to delay the effect of weathering with it being exposed to the elements and the powder-coated finish gives it a crisp, stylish look.

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