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Garage Security

Investing in high-quality garage security is undoubtedly the best method of securing your vehicles from thieves and damages. Having your motorbike or car safely hidden away prevents opportunist thieves.

There are lots of security products out there and at Image4 Security, we believe that the best form of security is lots of it. We encourage ‘layering’ our garage security products for that extra protection and peace of mind while at home.

Products such as the Guardsman barrier and Apex Pro ground anchor are a fantastic way to add permanent security to your garage. They are fixed to the ground and function so that your bike or car cannot be driven away quickly.

Guardsman Garage Barriers

The Guardsman security barrier is a completely unique product that is secured to your garage floor. Its long arm extends and retracts comfortably over your garage entryway and sits tall enough that the average vehicle cannot fit underneath and cannot be lifted over. The guardsman is a truly innovative bit of a kit to add to your garage security and is engineered to withstand every form of attack.

The Garage Defender

Other products such as The Garage Defender is another piece of Image4security’s innovative security solutions. It functions by sitting securely outside of your garage door, preventing any potential thieves from opening your up and over garage door and getting inside. We offer two different types depending on if your garage has a roller shutter door or up and over door. 

Additionally, The Defender utilises expert engineering to make it grinder resistant. A fantastic addition to any garage security!

Security Padlocks & Chains

Other more common bits of kit, such as alarms, padlocks and security chains should be the bare minimum of your security. These are the best products to layer your security and come in various options.


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