Ground Anchors For Garage

At Image4Security, if there is one thing we do right, it’s ground anchors. Our garage ground anchors work to bulk up your garage security and provide you with an immovable object to secure your bike to. Ground anchors offer complete peace of mind and are the top tier of garage security products.

Our Apex Pro is the best of the best when it comes to anchor systems. It is independently tested and Insurance approved, and comes with a lifetime warranty. That’s how confident we are in our Apex Pro ground anchor.

Never worry about your bike being picked up and carried away again with superb garage security such as our ground anchors. We also offer other ground anchor products, including our self-locking ground anchor that has revolutionised the classic anchor and chain. No longer will you need a separate padlock.

Our Guardsman anchor point is another brilliant addition to your garage security efforts. The Guardsman anchor point is an optional extra to be fitted to your Guardsman garage barrier. The anchor point ensures your motorcycle or bike is secured to an immovable object, unable to be wheeled out of your garage or picked up and taken.

Ground anchors are the most durable and reliable garage security. Make sure your garage security is beefed up with a ground anchor.


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