Ground Anchors

Ground Anchors and chains can be the most effective way of keeping your motorcycle secure within your garage. They’re designed with one goal in mind; to physically secure your motorcycle or bike, so that it doesn’t get stolen by a thief.

They can be attached directly to the ground or fitted onto your wall, with both offering enhanced protection for your motorcycle or bike.

Our Apex Pro Ground Anchor – Independently tested and Insurance approved

The Apex Pro Ground Anchor is one of the toughest ground anchors out there. Our Apex Pro ground anchor has been rigorously tested and proven to withstand the attacks of every tool a thief would use (including a 5-minute grinder attack), and is independently tested and Insurance approved.

The Apex Pro Ground Anchor is manufactured in the UK and developed over months of constant testing and re-design. The result of those efforts is that we have created one of the strongest and most resilient ground anchors available, that doesn’t require digging a large hole in your garage floor.


A ground anchor is a device which is permanently fixed into the floor or wall, typically of your garage, which can be used to pass a chain through in order to physically secure your motorbike or any other item to it.

Ground anchors work by being an immovable object which you can use to anchor your item to, using a security chain and padlock. They are often permanently fixed in place for maximum security and have a pass-through to accept a security chain. The opening size of the anchor can vary from product to product so make sure you check that your security chain will fit through it before purchase.

Our Apex Pro ground anchor can accept chains up to 22mm in diameter.

Fitting a ground anchor is straightforward as long as you have the correct tools.

Generally, you’ll need an SDS drill and bits for drilling through concrete or brick for the sleeve anchors. Ground anchors are fixed in a couple of different ways using a combination of sleeve anchors with an Allen key CSK bolt with a ball bearing forced into the bolt head or resin fixings.

Both methods create a permanent fixing giving you total peace of mind when securing your motorbike or any other item.

Ground anchors are incredibly effective in creating a permanent anchoring point to secure your valuable items to such as your motorbike. They can be used in conjunction with a security chain and padlock as part of an effective security system.

A good quality security chain is best to be used alongside a high-quality ground anchor. Our Apex Pro ground anchor is the only Sold Secure Diamond rated ground anchor on the market which is large enough to accept up to a 22mm diameter security chain.

Yes, a high-quality security chain is best to be used in conjunction with your high-quality ground anchor. You can also use a security wire too. Remember the larger the security chain links the more secure your item is from attack.

A ground anchor is the perfect anchoring point for physically securing your motorbike or any other item to and, therefore, crucial that you invest in the best.

Our Apex Pro ground anchor is just that. Market leading. It is the only surface-mounted Sold diamond-rated ground anchor on the market. Testing included a 5-minute grinder attack and a 5-minute wrecking bar attack. Once this ground anchor is installed there is no moving it.

You can rest assured that you have the very best available to protect your pride and joy.

Here at Image4, we design and develop the very best security products available on the market so that you can rest assured that your pride and joy is safe. And we have done the same with our Apex Pro ground anchor.

The Apex Pro is the only surface-mounted ground anchor to achieve a Secure diamond rating within the ground anchor category which includes a 5-minute attack with a grinder and a 5-minute attack with a wrecking bar. In our own in-house testing, the Apex Pro withstood a 30-minute grinder attack.

If the Apex Pro doesn’t take your fancy, we also offer the Apex ground anchor and KGA self-locking ground anchor which are both incredibly tough and fantastic additions to any security system for securing your motorbike or vehicle.

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