Motorbike Ground Anchors

FAQs - Apex Pro Ground Anchor

Sold Secure is an independent security test house who specialise in testing and accrediting products. Their tests are based on the tools allowed for an attack as well as the time allowed.

Diamond Ground Anchor testing is Sold Secures top attack test
involving a 5-minute attack test with both a grinder and a wrecking bar. No other surface mounted ground anchor has achieved this prestigious award to date. 

Just to let you know Motorbike Diamond Sold Secure award only
includes a 90 second grinder attack and no wrecking bar.

Sold Secure is an independent security test house who specialise in testing and accrediting security products based on their resilience to attacks from a variety of tools over varying amounts of time.

There are 4 major testing categories. These are: Ground
anchor, motorcycle, bicycle and domestic. Each has a different set of testing criteria involving various tools and varying amounts of time.

We have also performed our own in-house attack testing and in
a 15 minutes grinder attack test we were unable to defeat or compromise the Apex Pro.

The Apex Pro was developed over months of constant
destruction testing and re-design. The result that you see here is the strongest and most resilient anchor on the market.

The unit weighs a staggering 4.4kg and includes fully internally
welded 6mm thick mild steel bent plates cast in a way that resists any form of attack.

Additionally, we use a resin centre pin which protrudes from
the base of the anchor which is submerged in the centre of the anchor. Once this resin is set it is as strong as concrete. Because it is in the centre of
the anchor it can not be attacked in any way.

The units are designed and manufactured by hand here in the UK by us and as such come with a lifetime guarantee for product failure. 

Extremely easy as long as you have the right tools available.

Included in the box is a template for marking and drilling your 3 floor holes. A step by step set of instructions as well as all fixings needed.

- SDS Drill and Bit 16⌀
- Grip
- Masonry Drill and Bit 6⌀
- Allen Key 2.5mm and 6mm
- Metal Detector
- Hole Brush/Blower

We can as long as you have a solid brick to install into. Try to position you hole centres into the centre of the brick and avoid any cavities.

Not suitable for breeze block.

The Apex Pro opening can sufficiently accept up to a chain
20mm in diameter. Our Guardsman chains are all suitable to be used in conjunction with the Apex Pro.

We design and manufacture the Apex Pro by hand here in the UK
and as such we have decided to offer a life time guarantee on the product.

The Apex Pro Ground Anchor is fixed into the concrete floor using two M10
sleeve anchors with a ball bearing in their heads as well as a resin centre pin.

This centre pin cannot be attacked as it is in the centre of the underside of the anchor. These fixings are then covered with a protective metal plate held down by two screws. When the chain is in place these screws cannot be tampered with and removed.