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Motorbike security is essential for any bike owner. It’s advised that for every 10k your bike is worth, you should be spending an additional 1k on your motorbike security.

There are lots on the market that can really help to keep your motorbike as safe and secure as possible, whether you’re at home or on the go.

Our products are widely used in the bike community, and well respected. Our Apex pro ground anchor, for example, is the only ground anchor on the market that has a Sold Secure diamond rating.

Home Security For Your Motorbike

Home security and on the go motorbike security products will differ slightly. If you’re securing your motorbike at home, you may have a shed or garage to tuck your bike away in. This is the best first line of defence as it secures your bike from opportunist thieves and provides a secure space to keep your bike. To beef up your security we always recommend layering products, whether you’re at home or on the go.

For garage/shed security we always recommend our Guardsman security barriers. It’s a completely unique and innovative piece of kit that works to secure your bike from being wheeled under or lifted over. If that doesn’t impress you, it’s also attack proof and has built-in anchor points to secure your bike to.

To add to your at home security, we recommend a combination of locks, alarms and security chains (the very minimum of motorbike security).

On the go

When you’re out and about, your security measures will differ slightly from home security, but the same process of layering should be used. When you’re on the go we recommend using all the basics as mentioned above (chain, locks, alarms.) Obviously, you can’t bring your ground anchor and Guardsman with you, but we recommend utilising other objects with the same function. So, for example, securing your bike to a fixed, immovable post via an alarmed security chain.

No matter where you are, the same rule applies: layer your motorbike security products.


As a minimum, we would strongly recommend physically securing your motorbike to an immovable object such as a ground anchor or lamppost using a good security chain and padlock – the bigger the better, as any chain over 14mm in link diameter would be too large to fit into the jaws of a set of hand-operated bolt croppers (42inch).

We have a number of security options depending on your circumstances ranging from disc locks to our Guardsman security barrier range.

Here at Image4 Security, our best tip is to layer the security on your motorbike – a lot is better than too little. We recommend using a security chain no less than 14mm in link diameter.

We also recommend making your security inaccessible and difficult for a thief to attack by layering your security with different measures such as physical, alarms, or even simple lights.

Keep your motorbike out of sight and unappealing by keeping it inside a building like a garage or shed and using a cover to hide it.

Physically stop your motorbike from being taken in the first place to prevent heartache over time by viewing motorbike security as an investment.

Read our motorbike security checklist for more information.

The best way is to use an immovable object, such as a lamp post or our ground anchor point, to chain your motorbike to. We’d recommend a security chain no less than 14mm in link diameter, and to use lots of them. By using multiple chains and padlocks, you increase the security of your motorbike on the street by deterring thieves.
Other layers that can be used include an alarmed disc lock and grip lock that are perfect for when you’re out and about, too.

The best place to store your motorbike is within a permanent building such as a garage or shed. This is because it offers shelter away from those prying criminal eyes. You can also make both your garage and shed a fortress by using some of our high-security products such as our Guardsman security barriers,, garage defender, Apex pro motorbike ground anchor, and high-security chains and padlocks.

If you do have to keep your motorbike outside, make sure to take the necessary precautions. These include securing your motorbike to an immovable object such as a lamp post or ground anchor point using a high-security chain and padlock. Also, consider using a motorbike cover to eliminate passers-by from seeing your pride and joy.

Unfortunately, motorbikes are stolen across the UK on a daily basis.
Last year alone saw over 40,000 motorbikes stolen – that’s a whopping 110 each day with 80% being stolen from the owner’s home. It takes just 12 seconds for criminals to steal an unprotected motorbike, and according to Bennett’s, there is a 3.3.% chance your motorbike could be stolen throughout the year.

With over 40% of bikers using no security at all, these figures are only going to increase. Don’t become another crime statistic and secure your motorbike with Image4 Security’s wide range of products for your needs.

Due to the nature of motorbikes being lightweight and manoeuvrable, stealing an unprotected motorbike is simple and easy. With limited security built into the bikes by the manufacturers, industry experts state that an unprotected motorbike can be gone within just 12 seconds.
A popular method of stealing an unprotected bike is to load it onto a skateboard and roll it into a vehicle. Therefore, it is vitally important to secure your motorbike in the best way that you can.

According to industry experts, you should look to be spending 10% of the value of your motorbike on keeping it secure. As an example, if you’ve spent £10K on your motorbike then you should spend £1K on security as a minimum. However, the more security you can have in place then the greater chance you have of keeping it safe and secure.
Our message is simple; the more layers you can have in place the less chance you’ll have of becoming another crime statistic, avoiding the pains and long-term financial damage of increased premiums.

The simple answer is yes. However, BeMoto’s and our own advice for motorbike security are to see it as an investment for the long term, not simply for saving a few quid now (although it does help).
Did you know that on average your insurance premiums double once you’ve had a motorbike stolen? Prevent your motorbike from being stolen in the first place and you’ll save a lot of money and hassle over time.
Our insurance partners BeMoto offer up to a 10% saving on your insurance premiums for having our Guardsman barrier installed in your garage or shed.

Layering your motorbike security is paramount in the fight against motorbike crime. The more layers you can have in place the more tools and time the criminal would need. And let’s face it, most opportunist thieves don’t want to be spending more time than needed trying to attack multiple layers of security.
Here at Image4, we’d suggest physically securing your bike to an immovable object such as a ground anchor as a starting point, then layering up from here. Some options available include alarmed disc locks, grip locks, the Guardsman security barrier, DataTool tracker and DNA marking kit, and the garage defender. Each layer added will only increase your chances of keeping your motorbike safe and secure

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