Alarm Locks

Alarmed products are brilliantly innovative, helpful and versatile. We’ve combined state of the art alarmed technology alongside our regular Image4 products to create really fantastic security products.

From garage security alarm systems, to helpful on the go security products, we’ve combined intelligent alarm technology to give you extra special, robust, and reliable products. Our Guardsman alarm system is an impressive addition to your home security. It works by sensing vibrations and will trigger an alarming shriek of 130dB if it suspects an intruder or it has been tampered with.

We also offer a variety of alarmed locks, including padlocks, disc locks, chain and locks and shackle locks. Use alarmed products as part of your security measures for enhanced security and the opportunity to hear if your security has been tampered with. This will give you valuable time to locate your bike and hopefully the thief too before they have a chance to get away with your bike.


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