Motorbike Security Chains

Security Chains are a great investment for motorcycle security. A motorbike security chain is great for home use and on the go use, for that added bit of security. If you are on the go, connecting your motorcycle to an anchor point, such as a lamp post or a solid fixture prevents the motorcycle from being wheeled off or carried away. Motorcycle security chains can be added to bought anchor points also, as well as security barriers such as the Guardsman, which comes with anchor points for chains.

We also offer, smart security products that will trigger an SMS to you if the security chain is under threat.

Security Chain Products


The ZOVII 1.5M security chain is an 11mm diameter high-security short link 1.5-meter chain. The chain comes in a stylish, sleek softcover, ideal to secure your motorcycle without fear of scratches or damage. Couple this chain UP with the ZOVII ZBL12 or ZPL10 alarmed padlock for the best smart security solution.


The ZOVII ZCL10-120 is the first self-locking motorcycle security chain in the UK to feature a built-in Anti-Theft 120dB Alarm.

Security: The chain is made from carbide reinforced steel and shackles are 10mm in diameter. The easy-push locking design allows you to lock the padlock at ease and has a huge 20.5mm locking pin diameter.


All aspects of the lock have been made from anti-rust materials and all internal electronics are fully waterproofed (IP67). The ZOVII ZCL10-120 can be used anywhere, it is needed without compromise.


Anti-Theft Alarm: The ZCL10-120 has an anti-theft security alarm built into its design, that delivers a loud 120dB shriek when disturbed or interfered with. This can be heard up to 500 metres away. This will discourage the thief away, as the risk of getting caught is too high.


Overview: This alarming chain merges high strength security with a loud anti-theft alarm to delivering the ultimate security solution – giving you total peace of mind. Sleep easy at night knowing this security chain has your possessions always protected.


Specification: Length: 1200mm Weight: 3200g Shackle Locking Diameter: 20.5mm Chain Shackle Diameter: 10mm Keys Supplied: 3 keys + 1 coded tag for replacement Battery: CR2 Lithium battery (typical life span 8 months)




Any security chain is better than none, but the thicker your security chain, the stronger it is. We recommend a chain of at least 14mm thick as this is too large to fit within the teeth of a pair of bolt croppers, but the thicker the better. At Image4Security we stock a hefty 16mm and 20mm chain that is perfect for securing your motorbike.

A security chain is not easy to break unless you have the correct tools. Bolt croppers and angle grinders are the sworn enemy of a security chain. To offer the best protection a thicker chain is advised to withstand the attack for as long as possible and alert you once the noisy angle grinder is used.

Our Guardsman security chain range are made from a carbon steel alloy which makes them incredibly strong. They outperform any other chain, size for size by between 10-15% in a timed grinder attack test.

Your motorbike security chain should be 1.5m-2.0m, depending on the size of your bike and what you need to loop your security chain through. It is also determined by things like, where in your garage do you keep your bike, where is the ground anchor located.

Before installing any ground anchor, think about how accessible it will be and how easy will it be to use your security chain.

Yes. The weather won’t be an issue for your security chain. The Guardsman range is weatherproof and the Zovii alarmed chain and lock is waterproof rated IP67.

Our Guardsman security chain range are made from a carbon steel alloy which makes them incredibly strong. They outperform any other chain, size for size by between 10-15% in a timed grinder attack test.

Top tip: any chain greater then 14mm in link diameter is too big to fit inside the teeth of a manual pair of bolt croppers.

Any well-made security chain should last you a lifetime. The only part which may need replacing is the security chain sleeve which may fray with constant use.

Our Guardsman security chains come with a 1000 quadruple layer sleeve which includes a reinforced inner membrane to prolong the usable life of the chain and to reduce any potential scratching of your bike wheels.

A chain above 14mm cannot be cut with a pair of manual bolt croppers. Anything smaller in link diameter could potentially be compromised by the bolt cropper Our advice is the bigger the better. Ensure your chain is thick enough to avoid the bolt croppers and in doing so can only  be attacked by the grinder which is noisy and so should alert you to the situation.

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