Motorcycle Disc Locks

Motorcycle disc locks an essential layer of your motorbike security. They work by a locking pin that passes through the hole in the brake disc. It then locks to the other side of the lock. When in place, the disc lock discourages theft attempts by prohibiting your bike from being moved either forward or reverse.

Our disc locks are versatile and lightweight enough to carry with you as part of your on-the-go security measures. They’re quick to use, easy to lock, and a valuable, cost-effective asset to your security measures.

Ensure your bike is always secured in one place with a motorcycle disc lock. We also stock alarmed disc locks that trigger a 120dB anti-theft shriek when tampered with to alert you and anyone else nearby that your bike is being disturbed.

Use your disc lock as part of your motorbike security, alongside other products such as a ground anchor and security chain/lock for at home security. Or alongside a security chain, padlock, and other locking systems for on-the-go security.




A motorcycle disc lock works by preventing the wheel from being able to turn. When locked, it attaches securely to the brake rotor of a motorcycle, making it impossible for a thief to move the bike without breaking or removing the lock.

A disc lock is a large padlock that fixes through either your front or rear disc rotor. Once bolted into place, your motorcycle cannot be wheeled away or driven off. However, your bike can still be picked up, so securing it to an immovable object is a good extra layer.

Disc locks are simple to use and lock onto your bikes brake disc. Simply unlock the disc lock, slide the lock over the disc aiming for one of the larger holes within the disc. Then push the locking pin down which will lock the disc lock in place and prevent anyone from rolling your bike away.

Yes they are, Bennetts reports that a disc lock can make your bike three times less likely to be stolen.

Padlocks and disc locks have slightly different functions. A padlock will work in tandem with a security chain and lock it into place, preferably to an immovable object. While a disc lock locks the wheel in place to prevent your bike from being wheeled away or driven off.

Using the two together is a great way to buckle down on motorbike security and effectively secure your motorbike.

Due to the design and shape, when locked into place, disc locks are very difficult to defeat. The large solid steel shell protects the locking pin from attack. However, don’t rely solely on using a disc lock, always try to layer your security and securing your bike to an immovable object is always best.

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