Motorcycle Ground Anchors

Our motorcycle ground anchors are renowned for being insanely strong, durable, and visually impressive. They work by bolting into the ground or by placing a heavy weight on the ground to prohibit someone from carrying your bike off or wheeling it away. Our ground anchors are made using the strongest materials for a durable product with lifetime warranty.

Ground anchors are insanely hefty, and our Apex Pro is industry leading. It is grinder resistant, expertly designed to withstand a variety of attacks, and it has proven time and time again that it will not break when attacked. A ground anchor is one of the best bits of defence you can have, especially for your at home, garage or shed security.

Having a motorcycle ground anchor ensures you have a permanent fixed place to secure your motorcycle to. Simply use a security chain and attach your bike to the ground anchor, and you can rest easy knowing your bike is in one fixed spot, unable to be picked up and carried off or wheeled away.


A motorbike ground anchor is a security product designed to deter or prevent the theft of a motorbike. It is usually used in combination with a security chain and padlock to lock the bike securely to, prohibiting anyone from carrying away your bike. In essence it’s an anchoring point.

Ground anchors are fitted to the ground or brick wall and create an immovable anchoring point for you to secure your vehicles to, prohibiting anyone from moving, stealing, or wheeling away your vehicles.

Ground anchors can be installed at your home by you following the step-by-step guide in your kit. Inside, you will also receive a template and the correct fixings. Tools needed include an SDS drill with drill bits in order to drill the require holes into your concrete floor or bricked wall. Once you’ve drilled your required holes, insert and tighten the fixings to permanently secure your ground anchor.

However, if you require assistance, ask a member of our team.

Yes. A motorbike ground anchor is designed to create a secure connection between your bike and an immovable object. It helps protect your motorcycle from theft by making it harder for a thief to remove the bike without being detected. We are so confident in our ground anchors’ security that they come with a lifetime warranty.

Yes, if you have the right tools, you can easily install your own ground anchor. Your Apex Pro ground anchor will come with a step-by-step guide to help you, as well as a template for marking the hole centres and all fixings.

If installed correctly into a good concrete floor, our ground anchors can not be removed within 5 minutes, by a human, with the advantage of using a 1.5 metre wrecking bar. Please check out our video from TeapotOne to see for yourselves.

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