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The padlock is used generally in conjunctions with a security chain in order to physically secure your motorbike to an immovable point, such as a ground anchor.

Our alarmed padlocks come in two different styles to fit any chain up to 20mm in diameter. They each feature a 120dB anti-tamper alarm which is triggered when disturbed and can be heard up to 500 metres away. The stainless steel locking pin and double locking mechanism make these padlocks the ultimate defence against the would be thief.

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Chris MaliaChris Malia
16:09 11 Aug 22
The best in the business! Dave is a top bloke and a pleasure to deal with, responsive and always helpful. Had a ground anchor, chain and padlock at my door in a jiffy. The products themselves really are worth the money, their Apex Pro really is the dogs danglies. Would think any potential theif would get a sinking feeling once they see that in the ground!! Could not recommend more, putting some pennies away to hopefully get the crown jewel; their Guardsman Barrier!
Stephen HendryStephen Hendry
17:35 27 May 22
The guardsman is a very robust, sturdy and secure security device. A great piece of mind for myself with regards to securing my motorcycle in my garage. Dave, constantly kept in contact to let me know when they would install the guardsman. Fitment was done quickly with no fuss at all.Great service.
Jonathan KayeJonathan Kaye
12:44 27 May 22
Really easy guys to deal with and good piece of kit. Been looking at a barrier for a while but slightly put off by the cost. Saw it being demo'd at a show and took the plunge. Really happy. Very easy install job by their team. Piece of mind now the shed has some protection.
Danny HolmesDanny Holmes
18:21 08 May 22
We couldn't be more pleased with our Guardsman, Defenders and Apex Pro ground anchors. The customer service from Image4 Security has been faultless throughout - from our initial inquiry, keeping us up-to-date on progress of our order. The guys arrived to fit our devices exactly on time, did the job brilliantly, were courteous and respectful, cleaned everything up afterwards and took plenty of time to check and explain the configuration. We would have no hesitation in ordering again from Image4 Security.
Doctor ZimZimmeRDoctor ZimZimmeR
19:07 08 Mar 22
Excellent installation of two Guardsman Security Barriers. Easy ordering. Good communication. Installed efficiently and no mess. Friendly and approachable. High quality product, which I hope is never tested. Easy to open and close every day. Highly recommended.
Richie WhitehouseRichie Whitehouse
13:54 27 Jan 22
Had the pleasure of meeting these guys at the motorcycle live show, ordered a ground anchor with a chain, turned up to fit it, all done in 30 mins, cleaned up, product is great, no chance of anyone taking this bike in my opinion! Highly recommended
Mark TMark T
14:40 30 Oct 21
I’m very happy with my Guardsman with chain anchor installation, installed outside of my house rather than garage (which I don’t have!) to prevent anyone from easily rolling away with my bike during the night or when I’m out.This isn’t the designed use of the Guardsman and I’m very pleased to say that David and the team were very diligent in checking all details, customising the fitment and completing a very neat install. Used as I have chosen to, the Guardsman makes stealing my bike from my pathway a major challenge - hopefully enough to put off any attempts and certainly enough to make it very challenging indeed.The item is very well designed and made with many anti-theft features - from obstructing the area above the lock to prevent lock drilling to rounding off all the installation bolts so it can’t be loosened.Great and unique product, nothing else in the market is comparable.
11:30 26 Feb 21
My experience of dealing with Image4 Security when I purchased their Guardsman Security Barrier really could not have been better.The purchase process was slick, communication in terms of gathering the information that they required in order to prepare for installation was courteous and the installation itself was efficient and professional.The Guardsman Security Barrier itself is outstanding quality - a really impressive piece of kit which inspires confidence in the security of my garage.HIGHLY recommended!


An alarmed padlock looks and feels like a normal padlock however it has an anti-tamper 120dB alarm built into the locking body. This anti-tamper alarm shrieks if the padlock itself is tampered with or disturbed by the would-be thief. This alarm is loud enough to be heard up to 500 meters away which is sure to scare off the thief and alert you to the situation.

The alarmed padlock looks and functions similarly to a regular padlock however the alarmed padlocks have a 120dB anti-tamper alarm built into the lock itself. This is triggered when the padlock is disturbed or tampered with. Once triggered the alarm shrieks for 30 seconds which can be heard up to 500 meters away.

The padlock can be locked and unlocked without arming the alarm if the user wishes to do so and the alarm is armed and unarmed by a twist of the key within the key barrel.

The main benefit of using an alarmed padlock is that you are increasing the security layers by only using a single device. The anti-tamper alarm in conjunction with the physical padlock creates two layers: the audible and physical in the fight against crime.

All our alarmed padlocks are simple and easy to use and come with a battery, which lasts between 6-9 months depending on use and 3 sets of keys.

Our alarmed padlocks can be used to secure a vast array of items in different scenarios. Below are a few examples:

  • The alarmed padlock can be used in conjunction with a security chain to secure your motorbike to a fixed immovable object such as a ground anchor. Similar would apply to securing an electric bike or standard bicycle, quad bikes, or any vehicles
  • The alarmed padlock can be used to secure a set of gates
  • The alarmed padlock can be used to secure your shed door

The alarmed padlocks lock and unlock using one of the 3 supplied keys by inserting the key into the barrel of the padlock and turning the key to release the shackle.

The key turn also arms and unarms the anti-tamper 120dB alarm. If the user wishes to do so they can lock the padlock and unarm the padlock simultaneously.

To answer the question in short, no it is not easy to attack the alarmed padlocks without making a hell of a lot of noise and needing professional tools.

The ZOVII alarmed padlocks are made from stainless steel which is an incredibly hard material to cut. The locking shackle is a minimum of 10mm in diameter which if attacked by a grinder would take considerable time and make a lot of noise. Not to mention that the 120dB anti-theft alarm would also be shrieking at this point too.

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