Alarmed Padlocks

The padlock is used generally in conjunctions with a security chain in order to physically secure your motorbike to an immovable point, such as a ground anchor.

Our alarmed padlocks come in two different styles to fit any chain up to 20mm in diameter. They each feature a 120dB anti-tamper alarm which is triggered when disturbed and can be heard up to 500 metres away. The stainless steel locking pin and double locking mechanism make these padlocks the ultimate defence against the would be thief.


An alarmed padlock looks and feels like a normal padlock however it has an anti-tamper 120dB alarm built into the locking body. This anti-tamper alarm shrieks if the padlock itself is tampered with or disturbed by the would-be thief. This alarm is loud enough to be heard up to 500 meters away which is sure to scare off the thief and alert you to the situation.

The alarmed padlock looks and functions similarly to a regular padlock however the alarmed padlocks have a 120dB anti-tamper alarm built into the lock itself. This is triggered when the padlock is disturbed or tampered with. Once triggered the alarm shrieks for 30 seconds which can be heard up to 500 meters away.

The padlock can be locked and unlocked without arming the alarm if the user wishes to do so and the alarm is armed and unarmed by a twist of the key within the key barrel.

The main benefit of using an alarmed padlock is that you are increasing the security layers by only using a single device. The anti-tamper alarm in conjunction with the physical padlock creates two layers: the audible and physical in the fight against crime.

All our alarmed padlocks are simple and easy to use and come with a battery, which lasts between 6-9 months depending on use and 3 sets of keys.

Our alarmed padlocks can be used to secure a vast array of items in different scenarios. Below are a few examples:

  • The alarmed padlock can be used in conjunction with a security chain to secure your motorbike to a fixed immovable object such as a ground anchor. Similar would apply to securing an electric bike or standard bicycle, quad bikes, or any vehicles
  • The alarmed padlock can be used to secure a set of gates
  • The alarmed padlock can be used to secure your shed door

The alarmed padlocks lock and unlock using one of the 3 supplied keys by inserting the key into the barrel of the padlock and turning the key to release the shackle.

The key turn also arms and unarms the anti-tamper 120dB alarm. If the user wishes to do so they can lock the padlock and unarm the padlock simultaneously.

To answer the question in short, no it is not easy to attack the alarmed padlocks without making a hell of a lot of noise and needing professional tools.

The ZOVII alarmed padlocks are made from stainless steel which is an incredibly hard material to cut. The locking shackle is a minimum of 10mm in diameter which if attacked by a grinder would take considerable time and make a lot of noise. Not to mention that the 120dB anti-theft alarm would also be shrieking at this point too.

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