Shed Security

If you don’t have a secure garage to store your bike/car, a functioning shed is the next best thing. Sheds and garages offer additional security by securing your possessions away from watchful eyes and opportunist thieves. If you do have a secure shed space to keep your vehicle(s), it is still worth adding additional security measures for extra security and peace of mind.

There’s no guaranteed way of preventing theft. The truth is, if they’re determined enough, there isn’t anything you can do. The idea with shed security products (and any security products) is to make it as hard for them as possible. For this reason, we recommend layering security products to maximise your security and make it much harder to steal your possessions.

There are lots of ways to improve and add to your garage security, and lots of kit you can add to your shed to secure your valuable items:

  • Guardsman shed barrier
  • Alarms
  • Padlocks
  • Ground anchor
  • Security Chain

Our Unique Shed Security Barrier

The guardsman shed security barrier is a completely unique and innovative security product designed and manufactured by us at Image4 Security.

It essentially functions by being fixed to the ground, while the telescopic arm extends and retracts over the doorway of your shed. The barrier sits high enough that your average vehicle cannot be wheeled underneath and will be far too heavy to easily lift over the barrier. The barrier also has anchor points for your vehicle to be tethered to, stopping them from being wheeled away.

Having the Guardsman shed barrier can really elevate your security system and provide you with additional peace of mind that nothing is getting out of your shed. Add one of the chains and locks and you can sleep soundly, anywhere, knowing nothing is getting out of your shed without you knowing about it.



The most secure lock for a shed is either of our Zovii alarmed padlocks. Each have a built in 120dB anti-theft alarm which is triggered if tampered by the would-be thief.

This is loud enough to be heard up to 500 meters away and triggered if tampered with by the would-be thief

With sheds being typically less secure than garages, it is vitally important to ensure you’re putting security measures in place to prevent break-ins. There are several ways that you can improve the security of your shed:

Firstly, ensure you have a strong padlock on your door with a large hasp and staple.

Secondly, consider our Guardsman shed security barrier which forms a physical barrier across your shed door opening.

Thirdly, think about adding a shed alarm internally and lighting externally as remember thieves want to be in and out without being seen or making any noise.

Finally ensure whatever valuables you are keeping inside your shed are secured using an anchor point, security chain and padlock. This will physically keep your items safe and slow any criminals down.

Security is all about layers so therefore the most effective way of protecting your garden shed is to use multiple layers of security. This may be our Guardsman shed security barrier across the doorway to prevent any large objects from being removed, using the Zovii alarmed padlock on the shed door itself to alarm if disturbed, alarming the shed internally or putting external lighting around your shed which is motion triggered.

The more layers you have in place the greater chance you have of keeping your possessions safe and secure.

Sheds can be very vulnerable for a number of reasons. These include weak padlocks, rickety doors and hinges, loose panes of glass, and the fact they are often in secluded or dim areas. Here are our top 5 tips for securing your shed contents:

  1. Use a sturdy padlock to secure your shed door, preferably one with an anti-theft alarm. Our Zovii alarmed padlocks range is the perfect solution.
  2. Install a Guardsman shed security barrier to prevent any large objects from being taken out of your shed.
  3. Install an alarm system, preferably one which connects to your house alarm.
  4. Install motion detective lights on the outside of your shed.
  5. Use a cover or sheet to prevent those prying eyes from seeing your goods.

As always, our message is simple, use multiple layers of security to keep your contents secure.

Typically, thieves break into sheds using a set of bolt croppers to break the padlock shackle. This is a very quiet and effective attack method.

If, however, you use one of our Zovii alarmed padlocks, as soon as the padlock is disturbed the 120dB alarm will be triggered alerting you to the criminal activity.

You may also consider our Guardsman shed security barrier which sits on the inside of the shed door and forms a physical barrier across the opening. The barrier arm is too large to fit inside the bolt cropper teeth making them ineffective. The same principle applies to a security chain with a link diameter greater than 14mm, which is also too large to fit inside the bolt cropper teeth.

Criminals often break into the shed as they are less secure and therefore more vulnerable than other permanent buildings. They are often at the bottom of gardens in poorly lit areas but still have plenty of valuable items within them such as motorbikes, bicycles, tools, and equipment. These items are all things that criminals love as they can be sold quickly and easily.

If this sounds like your shed, then act now before it’s too late.

Plastic sheds serve a purpose up to a point. They should be used for the storage of less valuable goods such as patio furniture and less expensive tooling.

Metal sheds are generally considered more secure than plastic and wooden sheds. When storing high-value items such as motorbikes and farming or gardening equipment do consider purchasing a purpose-built metal shed.

Please consider what it is and the value of the item that you a high-value secure and make the necessary adjustments to protect it in the best way possible.

The best type of shed to keep your valuables safe and secure is one with multiple layers of security inside and out.

For the inside consider our Guardsman shed security barrier, shed alarm, anchor point, and security chains and padlocks to physically secure your goods. On the outside a high-quality padlock to secure the shed door, motion-triggered lighting, and blocking out any windows or viewpoints.

The most secure shed doesn’t necessarily depend on the style of the shed. It is simply which is the most secure and looks most unappealing to the would-be thief. Is there a large padlock on the outside, does the door have sturdy hinges, is there a motion-triggered security light on the shed exterior, and are all the goods hidden from view from the outside?

Asking yourself these questions and taking the necessary steps to secure your shed will give you the best chance of keeping its contents safe and secure.

Our Guardsman shed security barrier is attached to the inside door frame within your shed. When in the down locked position, the barrier arm forms a physical barrier across the shed door opening stopping any large items from being removed from your shed. The alarmed Zovii padlock secures the barrier and if tampered lets off a 120dB shriek which can be heard up to 500 meters away.

The Guardsman barrier can be fitted with anchor points too so you can chain your valuables such as your motorbike or bicycle to your barrier for that extra layer of security, making it the ultimate shed security solution for protecting your valuables kept within it.

The design of the Guardsman security barrier prevents a criminal from attacking it in a conventional manner guaranteeing you peace of mind. We also offer a 10-year personal guarantee and the Guardsman is insurance approved by our partners BeMoto.

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