Zovii Smart Security - Alarm Locks



      ZOVII Smart Locks

      Yes, you will need a smart phone as well as having WIFI connection in order for the padlock to send push notifications to your phone if someone is tampering with your lock.

      If you are away from your home and your phone is connected to
      internet (WIFI, 3/4/5G) and lock connected to home WIFI then if your lock is disturbed, you will receive the push notifications to your smart phone app.

      If your lock is away from your home, say you have gone to the shops and taken your lock with you, then the smart phone notifications will not come through to your smart phone however the 120dB alarm will still be triggered if the lock is tampered with.

      The built-in alarm is 120dB loud and can be heard up to 500
      meters away.

      Yes, the alarm is set by turning the key in the lock and listening for the beeps. One beep means the alarm is set. Two beeps mean the alarm is un-set.

      Therefore, you can secure your lock without setting the alarm.

      On your smart phone you will need to download the Tuya app and connect the lock to your app. Once this is connected, and the lock has been successfully connected to the Gateway (connects the home WIFI to the lock itself) then any notifications will be sent to your smart phone.

      Set up requires the user to follow around 10 simple steps as written on the install instructions. Please follow these carefully and be aware that there are some steps explained on the reverse of the paper instructions.

      Any issues please get in touch.

      The battery is a standard CR2 Lithium battery and last between 6-9 months depending on use.

      These are standard CR2 Lithium batteries available from most
      supermarkets and cost in the region of £3 - £5.

      Yes, all our ZOVII smart range locks are waterproof to IP67
      rating. They can truly be used anywhere without compromise.

      a) Ensure the clear cellophane on the battery is removed before inserting. When the battery is successfully inserted in to the device a loud shriek will be heard

      b) Ensure you follow all set up steps including those on the reverse side of the instructions when completing the lock set up.

      c) Ensure your home WIFI has 2.4G available. This is the network that the ZOVII gateway connects to. If unsure please contact your internet provider.

      d) Ensure that your home WIFI is able to reach the chosen padlock location. If this is not the case consider purchasing a booster to extend the WIFI range. Without sufficient WIFI signal at the chosen location the notification messages will not be sent and received.

      e) Ensure the gateway USB stick is as close as possible to the home WIFI hub