Guardsman Garage Security Bar

On average, 40,000 motorbikes are stolen each year with stats continuing to rise as thieves become more sophisticated. The figures are so high due to how easy it is to steal an unprotected bike. On average it can be done in just 12 seconds, making the temptation too much for thieves looking for an easy money maker.

80% of motorbike thefts happen at owners’ homes so the need to
invest in robust security measures is critical – no one wants the heartbreak of waking up to an empty garage.

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Due to this Image4 Security have developed a unique garage security bar as part of our Guardsman range.  This bar is designed to be installed into your garage and offer the ultimate physical protection and deterrent to thieves.

It has been specifically engineered to withstand every form of attack. It is British designed and manufactured, we are proud that nothing exists in the market like it, the sleek telescopic arm glides, and locks into place within seconds.

As well as the Guardsman garage security bar’s appearance is
an instant deterrent – it has insanely strong ground fixings, anti-attack lock and anchor points, giving you total peace of mind that it can’t be lifted or slid under the barrier. Our garage bars have received excellent reviews from the motorbike community - reaffirming the faith in our development of excellent solutions.

More About The Garage Door Security Bar

Made from hardened 80% carbon steel with stainless steel tubing and a steel box section

The telescopic arm locks into position within seconds

Standard colours are midnight black or graphite grey – but custom colours are available to order on request

Fits the vast majority of single garages with an up and over door – if you are unsure of sizes please contact us

10-year personal guarantee

Guardsman chain anchor points and an alarm system can be added to enhance security

Insurance approved – BeMoto offer a discounted policy

Independently tested and approved by Sold Secure

Can be installed by us or self installed (advanced DIY skills are required)

Ultimate Motorbike Security

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