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On average it takes just 12 seconds to steal an unprotected motorbike, making the temptation irresistible for an easy payday.

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How can I stop my motorbike from being stolen?

Investing in tried and tested motorbike security is more crucial now than ever before. 40,000 motorbikes are stolen with stats rising year on year as thieves become more sophisticated.

To prevent you from becoming the next victim, Image4 Security have created a considered range of security products that work. From our flagship garage and shed security barriers, to our diamond rated ground anchor, smart padlocks and security chains – we’ve got your covered.

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Securing Your Bike at Home

With 80% of motorbike thefts happening at owners’ home, it is a no brainer to add multiple layers of security devices to your bike – avoiding the heartbreak of an empty shed or garage.

Image4 Security have developed products using the latest smart technology, making it as difficult as possible for thieves to steal your prised possession. Our products have excellent reviews form the motorbike community – reaffirming the faith in our development of excellent solutions.

You can trust our extensive knowledge of motorbike security and experience of common theft tactics and how we advise to combat them.

Ultimately, motorbike theft can never be 100% avoided – but adding approved security devices to your motorbike will have a huge impact in making them give up and try an easier target.

Motorbike Garage Security

Keeping your motorbike out of site in a locked garage is the obvious choice for many owners. But as thieves often scout out new targets and learn where your bike is stored, it simply isn’t enough to keep it protected.

Our unique Guardsman security bar offers the ultimate deterrent to thieves – specifically engineered to withstand every form of attack. It is British designed and manufactured, we are proud that nothing exists in the market like it, the sleek telescopic arm glides and locks into place within seconds.

As well as the Guardsman barrier appearance is an instant deterrent – but this insanely strong ground fixings, anti-attack lock and anchor points will give you total piece of mind that it can’t be lifted or slid under the barrier.

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Motorbike Shed Security

If your motorbike is stored in a shed, we have developed a shed security barrier to protect your motorbike. Working similarly to the garage motorbike security bar, its arm and locking post forms a physical barrier that can’t be easily compromised.

You can also further secure your motorbike with a chain anchor point, allowing you to attach your bike wheel to the base.

This with the added layer of the ZOVII smart alarmed padlock – will trigger a 120dB alarm and send a message if it is tampered with.

Intermediate DIY skills are needed to install the Guardsman shed and garage bar successfully – we supply full fixings as well as step by step video installation instructions.  We also have a team of expert installers to take the hassle out of the job.

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