Motorcycle Security

Investing in tried and tested motorbike security is more crucial now than ever before. 40,000 motorbikes are stolen each year, with stats rising year on year as thieves become more sophisticated.

Motorbike Garage Barriers

On average it takes just 12 seconds to steal an unprotected
motorbike, making the temptation irresistible for an easy payday.

Guardsman Garage Bar

How can I protect my motorcycle from thieves?

Image4 Security have a fantastic range of products to help
secure your motorcycle from thieves. We recommend layering several different security solutions, starting with our garage barriers, all the way down to an alarm system and smart padlocks.

Motorbike theft can never be 100% avoided – but adding approved security devices to your motorcycle security routine will have a huge impact in making them give up and try an easier target. Don’t be the easy target.

Securing Your Motorcycle at Home

 We offer a range of tried and tested motorcycle security
products, including:

Motorcycle ground anchor

Motorcycle grip lock

Motorcycle barrier gate for sheds and garages

Motorcycle smart lock

Alarm systems and locks


Security chains

An alarming 80% of motorcycle thefts happen at owner’s
homes, therefore, it is a no brainer to add multiple layers of security to your belongings.

motorcycle garage barrier
motorcycle chain
motorcycle barrier

Motorcycle Garage Security

Keeping your motorcycle away from the watchful eyes of thieves is the first step to securing your bike. If they don’t know you have it, they can’t be tempted.

We recommend layering security products to maximise security and deter attacks. Our unique motorcycle barrier gate: The Guardsman bar offers the ultimate deterrent to thieves – specifically engineered to withstand every form of attack.

It is British designed and manufactured, we are proud that nothing exists in the market like it, the sleek telescopic arm glides and locks into place within seconds.

As well as the Guardsman barrier’s appearance being an instant visual deterrent – it has insanely strong ground fixings, anti-attack lock and anchor points. This will give you total piece of mind that it can’t be lifted or slid under the barrier.

Read more about the Guardsman barrier bar and buy online here.

Motorcycle Ground anchor

To truly maximise your security, several layered products are recommended. A secure ground anchor, such as our impressive Apex Pro has been tested and proven to withstand every tool.

Simply add a motorcycle security chain, such as our ZOVII alarmed security chain, and your bike is secured to the ground and unable to be carried off.

Our Apex Pro Ground Anchor is designed and manufactured in the UK and comes with a lifetime warranty.