Apex Pro Ground Anchor

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Are you looking for the best motorcycle ground anchor?

The Apex Pro is the toughest and only DOUBLE Sold Secure Diamond Rated, surface mounted, self install ground anchor on the market. 

  • The only self install, surface mounted, Sold Secure Double Diamond Rated ground anchor
  • Fully hardened steel, heavy duty construction
  • Supplied complete with industrial strength fixings
  • Fits chains up to 20mm in diameter
  • Black powder coated finish
  • Easy to install
  • Full instructions and floor template
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Designed and manufactured here in the UK

The Apex Pro has been tested and proven to withstand every tool (including a powered grinder) and exceeded the maximum attack times of every level of the Sold Secure Rating. 

So let's cut to chase, if someone wanted to try and attack this product in your garage, they might as well bring a picnic and pre-book their own cell at the local Blue Light Lodge. 

The Apex Pro was developed over months of constant destruction testing and re-design. The result that you see here is the strongest and most resilient anchor that doesn't require you to go to the great expense, or incredible effort of digging a crater in your garage floor.

Dimensions: 225mm (L) x 110mm (H) x 150mm (W)

Weight: 4.4kg

Base plate: 6mm thick mild steel

Up and over: 6mm thick casing made from mild steel with reinforced centre peak.

  • Full internal welding across all faces.
  • Grinder resistant - over 10 minutes cutting time attack test.
  • Inner casing, 37mm away from peak - stops grinder attack and protects chain from being removed.
  • Fixings: Resin centre pin, which is fixed to underside of Anchor which can not be attacked due to positioning.
  • Two outer fixings, M10 sleeve anchors with internal cover plate fixed by counter sunk screws and ball bearings, positioned so they can not be removed when chain in place.
  • In summary - Permanent fixings which are attack proof. 

Package Contents:

1 x Apex Pro Ground Anchor, fixings, instructions and floor template. Padlocks and Chains are purchased separately.

Apex Pro Ground Anchor
Apex Pro Ground Anchor
Apex Pro Ground Anchor
Apex Pro Ground Anchor
Apex Pro Ground Anchor
Apex Pro Ground Anchor
Apex Pro Ground Anchor