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guardsman car security barrier – GARAGE SECURITY THE WAY IT SHOULD BE.

The Guardsman garage car security barrier is a completely unique garage security barrier and anchor system that offers the ultimate deterrent to would be thieves.

The Guardsman car garage security barrier is not only an impactful visual deterrent but is specifically engineered to withstand every form of attack.

From insanely strong ground fixings through to the anti-attack lock and housing, we have taken everything we could think of and had a proper go at breaking this beast.

If you have other valuables that you keep within your garage such as motorbikes, lawn mowers or otherwise then why not consider adding anchor points to the barrier posts so these can can shackled and protected too.

If someone wants to steal your car, bike, mower, boat or otherwise, they might as well book themselves into the local cop shop themselves than try to overcome all of this.

guardsman Car security barrier:


The arm and locking post each sit opposite each other behind the garage door frame and pier within the garage. Taking up minimal floor space the Guardsman garage security barrier is a sleek, unobtrusive piece of kit which minimises trip hazards and maximises garage floor space. The telescopic arm glides and locks into position within seconds forming a physical barrier between the outside world and your personal possessions giving you total piece of mind when you’re out and about.


  • Independently tested and approved.
  • Insurance approved – BeMoto insurance discount.
  • 10-year personal guarantee.
  • British design and manufacture – made bespoke for you.
  • The ultimate garage security system gives you total peace of mind.


  1. Make your Guardsman garage security bar purchase. Decide on colour, anchor points, accessories, install or delivery.
  2. Image4Security will then contact you asking for some measurements and pictures of your garage.
  3. Image4Security will then decide whether any adjustments need to be made to your Guardsman. These will be completed free of charge.
  4. Image4Security will then manufacture your Guardsman garage security barrier.
  5. Once complete, Image4Security will then agree a convenient install date or arrange for your Guardsman to be delivered. We aim to complete delivery/install within 3/4 weeks from the date of purchase.


We have designed the Guardsman garage security bar to fit the vast majority of single garages with an up and over or roller shutter door. As long as your garage door opening is less than 3000mm in width and your height from floor to up and over door is greater than 1800mm then the Guardsman bar will fit your garage.

If you are unsure whether it would fit or not please contact us to discuss – we’re happy to help.


No problem. We also offer a double Guardsman garage security barrier with a removable centre locking post which spans up to 5 metres in width.

For more info please click here. 


Choose either Midnight Black or Graphite Grey as standard. If you would like a customised colour to match your bike, car or garage please get in touch to discuss – we’re happy to arrange this for you.


Image4Security Install: Let us take the hassle out of the job. Our expert team of installers will liaise with you to arrange a convenient date and time for installation within 20 working days from date of purchase. All we ask is that you clear a 1 metre radius around your chosen location and leave the rest to us.

Customer Install: Advanced DIY skills are essential for the successful install of your Guardsman garage security barrier – SDS drill and bits are required for the process. We supply a full fixings kit, floor template for marking the post holes as well as installation instructions and a step by step install video. 


Stainless steel tubing and steel box section.


  • Height of barrier in locked position (floor to top of barrier when locked) 70 cms.
  • Height of barrier in unlocked position (floor to top of barrier when unlocked) 180 cms.
  • Maximum span of barrier in locked position 264 cms.
  • Width of Arm head 9 cms.
  • Base plates 18 x 13 cms.

guardsman ACCESSORIES:


For that extra layer of security why not add a Guardsman chain anchor point to one or both of your Guardsman posts. This allows you to secure your bike wheel or any other object, using a chain and padlock, to the anchor.

The anchor itself has a diameter opening of 60mm and is 12mm in thickness. It is secured at the base of your post using two bolts with ball bearings in the heads.

The Guardsman chain anchor point can be easily retro fitted to your Guardsman security barrier if your circumstances change in the future.


Add that extra layer of security with the Guardsman alarm system. 

The alarm system uses a vibration sensor which is housed in the protective secure mounting which is fixed to the front of the locking post leg. If someone tampers with your guardsman barrier arm, this will trigger the vibration sensor and activate the 130dB battery powered siren which will be fixed into your garage roof. The alarm hub will then secretly call up to 3 pre-programmed phone numbers alerting you to the disturbance.

The alarm system comprises of a battery powered hub and vibration sensor enclosed in a protective secure mounting. 1 x 130dB battery powered siren and 2 x battery powered key fobs. SIM card and batteries for hub also included.

Additional sensors also available: PIR, Door Sensor, Additional Key Fobs and Siren can also be added. The hub can have up to 20 active sensors programmed into it at anyone time.


The Guardsman security chain is made from hardened, 80% carbon steel which makes it incredibly resistant to grinder attack. The chain is impervious to HSS hacksaw attacks and the 16 and 20mm cannot be bolt cropped by hand. It has been fully through hardened making it the best chain range on the market for security.

The perfect additional layer to protect your pride and joy.

Patent Pending GB1914471.

As Featured In:

Weight25 kg

Custom Colour, Graphite Grey, Midnight Black

Installation ( £120 + £0.50 / mi)

Delivery and Installation, Delivery Only (Free)

Guardsman Alarm System (SAVE 10%):

1 x Alarmed System, None

Additional Alarm Sensors:

1 x Door, 1 x PIR, 1 x Remote, 1 x Siren

Anchor Point (SAVE 20%):

1 Anchor Point – Locking Post, 2 Anchor Points – Locking Post and Arm Post – both sides, None

Guardsman Security Chain (SAVE 20%):

1 x Guardsman 13mm Security Chain 2m, 1 x Guardsman 16mm Security Chain 2m, 1 x Guardsman 20mm Security Chain 2m, None

No, it wouldn’t survive a grinder attack. But nor would any other security device. We don’t claim to be indestructible; no object is. If the thief wants something, they will find a way of getting it. With the Guardsman there are a much-reduced number of possible attack points and possible tools to be used due to the design.
Thieves don’t want to spend more than a few seconds trying to decipher how they are going to steal a bike. They want to be in, out and gone with as little effort and chance of being caught as possible. They don’t want to be starting up a grinder and spending precious time cutting through security devices. They’d much rather go next door, where there’s an easier target. The sad reality is this is what security is all about, making you less attractive than something or someone else. And this is why the more layers you can have in place the better chance you have of not becoming another crime statistic.
Yes – it has been approved by BeMoto insurance company. As it’s such a new product we are working on having other insurers also approve it. When you come to renewal, if you phone BeMoto and tell them you have a Guardsman in place they will give a discount on your renewal.
Ultimately the customer can decide where the Guardsman is installed, outside or in. However, we recommend that it is positioned on the inside of your garage, behind the garage pier/frame. The reason for this is that it does not advertise to the outside world that you have something to protect. The pier and garage frame makes it extremely difficult for a thief to attack the barrier in this position. When in the upright, unlocked position it is very unobtrusive, taking up little floor space, maximising garage usable space and minimising trip hazards compared to conventional floor anchors and chains.
In response to expense - yes, it is a considerable amount of money but you are paying for quality, ease of use and peace of mind. The average bike insurance cost increases by £177 after having a bike stolen. Your car insurance also increases by £81. Therefore. by not having your bike stolen it has 'paid for itself' within 3 years. Insurers say that you should spend 10% of your bikes value on security for it. The average bike costs roughly £10K-£15K. Therefore, bikers should be looking at a £1K-£1.5K investment in security to keep it safe. We also offer Klarna and PayPal payment options which allow you to split your payments over 4 months.
Yes - We have an option of adding a ground anchor point to the Guardsman post. This gives that extra layer of security and can be used for other items such as push bikes, ladders etc.
The average weight of a bike is around 200kg. I think you'd want a team of guys to attempt to pick a bike up. Also, the height restriction of an up and over the door means you can't just lift it straight over the Guardsman garage barrier. The bike would need to be tipped onto its side and shuffled out, that’s if it is mathematically possible – this depends on your garage dimensions and size of your bike. Again, it’s more hassle and potential injury, than it's worth.
The average bike width is 900mm with handle bars at full lock. The barrier sits 675mm from floor to underside of the arm. The average bike would not be pulled underneath.
We've had 3 blokes sitting on it and it didn't compromise the structure. The bar probably moved a maximum of 50mm. The tubes are made from high grade, 3mm, stainless steel. They do not bend.
We fix each post into the floor using sleeve anchors with shear off nuts which leaves a permanent fixing in place. We also secure each post into the wall, if dimensions allow, which both helps to stabilize the arm post but also adds an additional point of fixing.
Yes, this is possible. We will need to come out and remove the fixings in order to remove the barrier. This requires specialist tools and equipment and would incur a cost. We would then be able to reinstall the barrier at your new location. Please contact us to discuss on 01384 442 646 or email us on
No problem at all. We have a double garage version of the Guardsman available. Please contact us to discuss on 01384 442 646 or email us on
The standard Guardsman barrier has a maximum span of 2700mm. If you have a garage door opening width greater than this, we can manufacture a bespoke barrier to suit your garage. Please contact us to discuss on 01384 442 646 or email us on
Yes absolutely. Included in the package is a full set of install instructions as well as an install video, all fixings and a template to drill your floor holes. The install should take a competent DIY’er around 2 hours. Tools required include: SDS Drill and bits Spirit Level and Tape Measure Vacuum 19mm Spanner Allen Key Hole/Pipe Cleaner Alternatively, you can leave the installation to our expert team and we’ll take care of it for you. We travel the whole of the UK and the install takes around an hour to an hour and a half
Lead time for delivery and installation is 3-4 weeks from date of order. This is because we ensure that the Guardsman is suitable for your garage before proceeding to manufacture. If we need to make any slight adjustments, we make these free of charge once your order has been placed.
Our team of installers travel the whole of the UK.
We offer as standard, Midnight Black and Graphite Grey. If you would like a custom colour option, we can arrange this for you, please get in touch. We can also offer custom paint designs.
Yes absolutely. The Guardsman alarm system operates on a vibration sensor so if anyone touches your Guardsman, the vibration sensor is triggered which sets off the 130dB siren. While this is shrieking the alarm hub is secretly phoning up to 3 pre-programmed phone numbers.
The only required maintenance is to keep the garage barrier arm clean and free from dust and debris. We recommend for optimal performance cleaning this once every 2 weeks. If your garage is particularly dusty increase this frequency to suit.
We have a simple 5 step order process: 1. Make your Guardsman barrier purchase. Decide on colour, anchor points, accessories, installation or delivery. 2. Image4Security will then contact you asking for some measurements and pictures of your garage. 3. Image4Security will then decide whether any adjustments need to be made to your Guardsman. This will be completed free of charge and agree on the positioning of the anchor point. 4. Image4Security will then manufacture your Guardsman barrier. 5. Once complete Image4Security will then agree on a convenient install date or arrange for your Guardsman to be delivered.

Customer Reviews

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Steven Farrell
Quality piece of kit.

Good quality and smart looking barrier, friendly and efficient staff and great install. Thanks again.

Neil Sebire

Super efficient service and installation, hope it is never tested but would recommend!

Ross Sutherland

Couldn't fault the product and the service I received was top notch well done team 👏

Chris C
What can I say.

First class service from ordering, to Dave And Rob fitting my Gaurdsman Barrier and 2 Gargage defenders outside my Garage door.

Zed Jones
Superb item and service

Had a guardsman barrier fitted to my garage. Superb product and a fantastic service. Excellent. Simple to use and with the optional anchor points to add more security you can rest easy.

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