Fort Knox bundle

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1 x Guardsman + 1 x Installation + 1 x Anchor Point + 1 x 16mm Guardsman Chain + 1 x Zovii ZBL12i Padlock + 1 x Guardsman Alarm + 1 x Door Sensor + 1 x PIR Sensor + 1 x Apex Pro. 




The Guardsman is a completely unique barrier and anchor system that offers the ultimate deterrent to would be thieves.

The Guardsman Security Barrier is not only an impactive visual deterrent, but is specifically engineered to withstand every form of attack.

From insanely strong ground fixings through to the anti-attack lock and housing, we have taken everything we could think of and had a proper go at breaking this beast.

Not content with only deterring thieves from sliding bikes under, or lifting over, we have added anchor points to the posts so that bikes and other valuable machines can be shackled to them.

If someone wants to steal your bike, car, mower, boat or otherwise, they might as well book themselves into the local cop shop themselves than try overcome all of this...


The Guardsman Chain Anchor Point...

For that extra layer of security why not add a chain anchor point to one or both of your Guardsman posts. This allows you to secure your bike wheel or any other object, using a chain and padlock, to the anchor.

The chain anchor point is compatible with both the Guardsman garage barrier and shed security barriers and can be added to your Guardsman at a later date for that extra peace of mind.

The anchor itself has a diameter opening of 60mm and is 12mm in thickness. It is compatible with a chain up to 25mm in diameter. It is secured at the base of your upright posts using two threaded holes, two bolts with a ball bearing forged into the bolt head - to prevent removal.

All fixings are included with the anchor point as well as a full set of instructions. 



The Guardsman short link security chain:

  • 2m length
  • Made from 80% carbon steel alloy making it extremely grinder resistant
  • Supplied with incredibly tough, quadruple layered 1000 Denier sleeve cover 

This chain is made from hardened, 80% carbon steel which makes it incredibly resistant to grinder attack. The chain is impervious to HSS hacksaw attacks and the 16 cannot be bolt cropped by hand. It has been fully through hardened making it the best chain range on the market for security. 

The quadruple layered 1000 Denier sleeve cover has a double inner and outer stitch for extended longevity and has stainless eyelet and fixings to secure the chain firmly in place. The cover has an 2mm inner layer which prevents the chain from scratching and marking your wheels. 

The trimmed and shaped cover with clear print gives the perfect aesthetics to any security-conscious garage or home.

All three chains can be used in conjunction with our smart ZOVII ZPL10i padlock which both sends the user a message to your smartphone as well as alarms if tampered with. 


The ZOVII ZBL12-i is the first 12mm Straight Shackle Pad Lock in the UK featuring Smart Connectivity and a built-in Anti Theft 120dB Alarm. 

Smart Connectivity:

The ZBL12-i effortlessly connects with your smartphone via the ZIG platform and your home WiFi connection and sends you instant, direct messages when someone tampers with your lock. You can be rest assured that your pride and joy is safe and secure - never again will you be out of the loop.

The app also allows you to monitor the lock status locked/un-locked, monitor alarm triggers and times, user management platform so you can add multiple users of your lock and assess the remaining battery.


The padlock features a solid zinc alloy body with 12mm stainless steel, high precision shackle. The easy push locking design allows you to lock the padlock at ease. All aspects of the lock have been made from anti-rust materials and all internal electronics are fully waterproofed (IP67). The ZBL12-i can truly be used anywhere it is needed without compromise. 

It can also double up as a disc lock if you're out and about.

Anti-Theft Alarm:

The ZBL12-i has an anti theft security alarm built into it's design which gives a massive 120dB shriek when disturbed or tampered with. This can can be heard up to 500 metres away. If this doesn't deter the criminal nothing will. 


This pad lock combines physical, high strength security, an ear strikingly loud anti-theft alarm with smart connectivity to deliver the ultimate security solution - giving you total peace of mind.

Sleep easy at night knowing the ZOVII Smart Series has got you protected. 


Height: 64mm

Length: 98mm

Weight: 486g

Shackle Diameter: 12mm can take a chain up to 14mm in diameter

Keys Supplied: 3 keys + 1 coded tag for replacement

Battery: CR2 Lithium battery (typical life span 8 months)

ZIG Smart Connectivity: Platform included


The Guardsman garage security barrier  just got a whole lot more secure. 

Introducing the Guardsman Garage Alarm System. Not only will the system shriek 130dB alarm at anyone who tampers with your Guardsman but the hub will also phone up to 3 key holders too. 

Sleep better at night knowing you have the ultimate security system on the market protecting your pride and joy. 


Are you looking for the best motorcycle ground anchor?

The Apex Pro is the toughest and only DOUBLE Sold Secure Diamond Rated, surface mounted, self install ground anchor on the market. 

  • The only self install, surface mounted, Sold Secure Double Diamond Rated ground anchor
  • Fully hardened steel, heavy duty construction
  • Supplied complete with industrial strength fixings
  • Fits chains up to 20mm in diameter
  • Black powder coated finish
  • Easy to install
  • Full instructions and floor template
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Designed and manufactured here in the UK

The Apex Pro has been tested and proven to withstand every tool (including a powered grinder) and exceeded the maximum attack times of every level of the Sold Secure Rating. 

So let's cut to chase, if someone wanted to try and attack this product in your garage, they might as well bring a picnic and pre-book their own cell at the local Blue Light Lodge. 

The Apex Pro was developed over months of constant destruction testing and re-design. The result that you see here is the strongest and most resilient anchor that doesn't require you to go to the great expense, or incredible effort of digging a crater in your garage floor.

Dimensions: 225mm (L) x 110mm (H) x 150mm (W)

Weight: 4.4kg

Base plate: 6mm thick mild steel

Up and over: 6mm thick casing made from mild steel with reinforced centre peak.

  • Full internal welding across all faces.
  • Grinder resistant - over 10 minutes cutting time attack test.
  • Inner casing, 37mm away from peak - stops grinder attack and protects chain from being removed.
  • Fixings: Resin centre pin, which is fixed to the underside of Anchor which can not be attacked due to positioning.
  • Two outer fixings, M10 sleeve anchors with internal cover plate fixed by counter sunk screws and ball bearings, positioned so they can not be removed when chain in place.
  • In summary - Permanent fixings which are attack proof. 



Fort Knox bundle
Fort Knox bundle
Fort Knox bundle
Fort Knox bundle
Fort Knox bundle
Fort Knox bundle
Fort Knox bundle

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