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Garage Defender – Roller Shutter Door




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The Defender secures your roller shutter door by trapping the door mounted bracket between the floor plate and the Defender which in turn prevents the door from being lifted. The Defender itself also stops the door from being pulled outwards and the roller shutter slats from being ripped out of the track on either side of the door frame.

The floor plate sits just 10mm from the floor leaving no bulky trip hazards. It is secured into the floor using 3 M8 bolted sleeve anchors which are located on the inside of the garage, stopping anyone from tampering with these fixings. The Defender itself slides and locks into position using 2 bayonet style fittings on the underside of the Defender. Once in place our bullet lock prevents the Defender from being removed, locking it into position. The lock and housing are fully protected internally of the Defender making it incredibly grinder resistant.

The rear cowl is fully welded and sits flat up against the garage door, preventing it from being opened. The top plate covers the bullet lock preventing attack by a drill on the bullet lock and also acts as a large handle to move the defender easily into position. The Defender can be locked and unlocked in a matter of seconds.

The Defender is fully powder coated and floor base plate is made from stainless steel to withstand the elements. The Defender has been designed and is manufactured here in the UK and comes with a 10 year guarantee.

We also offer a defender for an up and over garage door.


If you own a Guardsman garage security barrier already, or you plan to purchase one in the future, we can use the same key to operate both your Defender and Guardsman garage security barrier.

Reduce the stress and have a security system operated on a single key.


  • 10 year guarantee
  • UK design and manufacture
  • Powder coat finish with stainless steel floor plate
  • Quick install
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Grinder resistant


Defender, Defender floor plate, Roller shutter door mount, Lock, All fixings and Instructions



Height: 188mm

Width: 164mm

Depth: 125mm

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Weight5.2 kg
Installation ( £120 + £0.50 / mi)

Delivery and Installation, Delivery Only (Free)


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The Garage Defender is installed using 3 sleeve anchors with countersunk bolts. All three fixings fall within the garage so cannot be tampered from the outside. There is also a door bracket that is secured to the roller shutter door. This is what is trapped within the Garage Defender and stops the roller shutter door from being forcefully lifted and opened.
The Garage Defender physically stops the garage roller shutter door from being opened by trapping the door bracket within the Garage Defender, situated at floor level.
No, the Garage Defender door bracket will not interfere with the door as it is rolled up as the door bracket sits just 80mm from the bottom slat.
The Garage Defender is locked in place using a bullet lock, the same bullet lock as used on our Guardsman garage security barrier. This locking pin is 16mm in diameter.
Yes, both our Garage Defender and Guardsman garage security barrier can be locked using the same barrel lock and therefore the same key making your life easier and hassle free.
If your driveway floor external to your garage door slops away then yes, the Garage Defender can be installed. If, however the floor external to the garage door is higher than the garage floor you will not be able to install the Garage Defender. Please check your flooring before purchase. If in doubt please contact us for assistance.
Yes, we do have a Garage Defender specifically designed for an up and over garage door.
Yes, due to the design and shape of the Garage Defender a grinder will not be able to reach the centre locking pin and therefore will be able to remove the Garage Defender from its position.
The Garage Defender has been designed to be drill resistant. The large cowl surrounding the top of the Garage Defender both acts as a handle but also as a protective cover to the locking pin.
The Garage Defender is available in Black, White or grey.
Yes, we do offer installation of the Garage Defender. Please choose this option at checkout.
The Garage Defender has a powder-coated finish.
The floor plate of the Garage Defender sits just 9mm from the floor, minimising trip hazards.
The Garage Defender has been designed and is manufactured by ourselves from our factory in Stourbridge, West Midlands, UK.
The Garage Defender comes with a 10-year guarantee. If anything were to go wrong with your Garage Defender please get in touch and we’ll look to rectify any issues.
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